December 2001


There could only be one winner. Geoffrey Richmond, Chairman of Bradford City. He thought he could bring the Old Firm into the land of milk and honey - aka the Nationwide League - but ended the season with his club in administration. Richmond blamed that on ITV Digital, not on the fool who sanctioned Benito Carbone's wages - himself!



There are many words in the language consisting of four letters which would amply describe the recipient of this award but - as the press would laughably say - this is a family website. So prat will do just fine.

Among the contenders are the usual suspects - Terry Venables, Kevin Keegan, Alan Shearer - but they've all failed spectacularly enough in their own way to warrant no more than a joint bronze medal.

Our Runners-up award goes to a man most won't have heard of - Ian Levitt, Professor of Scottish History at the University of Central Lancashire. In the otherwise excellent 'Oxford Companion to Scottish History' Prof Levitt describes the 1960 European Cup Final at Hampden Park as "infamous." Now either the learned gent doesn't know much about the game or he's just an extremely bad proofreader. But to label one of the best matches ever played on Scottish soil in such a demeaning manner earns him the silver gong.

But the runaway winner is the gentleman in academic robes. This is GEOFFREY RICHMOND, Chairman of Bradford City. Richmond has welcomed the proposed Old Firm move to the "Phoenix League" in glowing terms and even went as far as to say that he thought other Scottish clubs would want to see them go as it would introduce greater competition into the Scottish league.

Well, pardon us Mr Richmond. But hasn't the same team won SEVEN of the nine English Premierships since that League was established? So much for competition. And what a treat it would be for Rangers or Celtic to play Bradford. Imagine it. Playing in a small ground against a dour team which has Eoin Jess and Gary Locke in the side and has a management set-up of Jim Jefferies, Billy Brown and Walter Kidd. What an exciting difference that would make, eh?

Geoffrey Richmond, the Bradford City chairman pictured at an honorary degree ceremony.

Richmond believes he leads one of the true giants of the modern game - a club that has spent the grand total of two seasons in the top flight of English football in the past eighty years.

Their only major honour in the game is winning the FA Cup over ninety years ago. They are currently fifteenth out of 24 in the English First Division and their gates are on a par with Aberdeen or Hearts

Yet Richmond has the gall to claim that it would be good for those clubs- and the rest of the Scottish game - if the Old Firm moved south. He reckons the others might then have a chance of winning something.

We reckon that if the 34 clubs currently ranked above his team in England were to decamp to another country then it would make things more competitive for Mr Richmond and his team.

Who knows, they might even win something for the first time since the Czar of Russia invited the Kaiser (and we don't mean Beckenbauer) to spend his summer hols on the Volga.

In the meantime we think he should exchange his mortar board for a dunce's cap.



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