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Some time ago we were asked if Celtic's Charlie Tully had ever played for Rangers. We replied that according to Celtic's official website that he had but that he had never played for Rangers in a first-class game. We still believe that to be the case. But a possible explanation for this, on the surface, highly unusual 'transfer' has been sent in by Trevor Larkin who explains thus:

" He may be referring to the occasion of Caledonian FC's floodlighting inauguration, when a Rangers/Celtic Select played at Telford Street Park, Inverness, on March 11th 1959.

SFA regulations of the time required all competing players to be signed to a single member club, so the five Celts selected for the occasion signed for Rangers and re-joined Celtic the following day. (One may ponder 'what if...'had Rangers refused to cancel the contracts thereafter!) Officially speaking, it was a Caley-Rangers friendly, albeit with a radically altered visitors lineup!

The Rangers/Celtic XI, who played in a Rangers strip of white shirts with blue/red hoops and white shorts, was as follows: Beattie (Celtic); King (Rangers), Kennedy (Celtic); Crerand (Celtic), Paterson, Millar (both Rangers); Tully (Celtic), Baird (Rangers), Conway (Celtic), Queen, Hubbard (both Rangers).

Scot Symon managed the side, which beat Caley 4-2 (scorers Sammy Baird 3, Jim Conway; Caley scorers Rodwill Clyne and Jimmy Ingram) in front of an estimated 6,000 spectators.

Hopefully the above information may be of some use."

Which it most certainly is. Our thanks to Trevor for this info.


Q Graeme Allen asks: "Who were the captains at the recent Scotland V Republic of Ireland match?"

A The Irish captain was Matt Holland. Scotland actually had THREE, which I'm sure will be a pub quiz staple for years to come and about the only thing of note - from a Scottish viewpoint - of the entire game. Scotland started off with Paul Lambert as skipper. He was subbed at half-time so Barry Ferguson led the team out for the second half. When Ferguson himself was replaced midway through the second half, the captain's armband was passed to Christian Dailly.

Q From B McSkinner: "How many Rangers players,past or present,have a surname ending with the letter o? I'm told there are eleven."

A As far as I can tell your informants are correct. In recent years there have been a flurry of players at Ibrox with surnames ending with this vowel. Amato, Amoruso, Gattuso, Mikhailichenko and Salenko for example. There was also Riccio who made just one substitute appearance in 1998-99.

Iain and Stuart Munro can be added in as well as Mark Falco from comparatively recent times. Going further back - to 1914 in fact - and there's Tommy Kelso. Completing the eleven is the most expensive Ranger of all time - Tore Andre Flo. Unfortunately none of them was a goalkeeper so we can't field them in formation

And before anyone asks, no we're not counting Eric Caldo-w!