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Q "Have you any information on a football match between Rangers and Newcastle United which took place in August, (I think) - 1932?" asks John Findlay.

A The teams met twice in SEPTEMBER 1932 John. Both midweek games, Rangers won 4-1 at Ibrox on Sep 14th and lost 5-0 away seven days later. It was an unofficial 'British Cup-Winners Cup' challenge. Such fixtures between Scottish and English Cup Winners (and also between the League Champions) had been quite common since the 19th century.

Q From Steven Aspinall: "Could you please tell me how many times Rangers and Celtic have got into the Scottish cup final and the CIS cup final? Could you also tell me how many times they have played each other in both competitions, and who has won the most cups out the two? Then could you tell me how many times each team has won the league championship, and which team comes closest behind Rangers and Celtic in most honours won?"

A Counting this season's League Cup Rangers have played in 29 Finals to Celtic's 25 and have won the trophy on 23 occasions to Celtic's 12. Up to the end of last season's Scottish Cup, Celtic had taken part in 50 finals to Rangers' 47. Celtic have won it 31 times, Rangers 30.

In the Scottish Cup the pair have met 44 times. Celtic have won 20, Rangers 16 and eight drawn. Nineteen of these matches have been Finals with both teams winning seven and five drawn.

There have been 43 League Cup meetings with Rangers winning 22, Celtic 19 and just two drawn. Of these, twelve have been finals with Rangers winning eight to Celtic's four - the most recent being Rangers 2-1 victory on March 16th 2003.

Rangers have 49 League titles (including one shared) to Celtic's 38.

Outside of the Old Firm, Aberdeen are the most successful side with 16 trophies, four League, five League Cup and seven Scottish Cup. Hearts have 14 - four League, four League Cup and six Scottish Cup.

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Q From Raja Nazarruddin "Just wanted to know the following stats for Rangers in League, League Cup, Scottish Cup and Euro Competitions since its inception in 1873. Matches Played, Won , Drawn, Lost, Goals For, Goals Against

Is it true that they accumulated the highest number of goals scored in the world ?

What is the best book on Rangers history?

Is it possible that all the SFAQ is in pdf format for downloading/offline reading?

A You don't ask for a lot, do you Raja? Phew! After a heavy day with the calculator we've come up with these figures. All to the end of March 2003.

Scottish League/ SPL. After 31 games in the current season
P 3555 W 2273 D 689 L 593 F 8076 A 3682

League Cup. After completion of the 2002-03 tournament
P 409 W 296 D 49 L 64 F 1053 A 392

Scottish Cup. Up to and including this season's match at Dunfermline but before the replay at Ibrox
P 532 W 361 D 87 L 84 F 1415 A 487

Europe. Including season 2002-03
P 234 W 107 D 48 L 79 F 383 A 299

Please note the following: League Championships play-offs in 1891 and 1905 are included in the total. I have not included games played in 1939-40 and 1945-46 as these are not regarded as official by the Scottish League. Some early Scottish Cup results were subject to challenge. Where a result has been overturned on appeal I have omitted it but have included results of games of less than 90 minutes in instances where the result was allowed to stand. I have also included both games from the 1909 Cup Final when the trophy was withheld. Where a game has gone to extra time I have taken the result as at the end of extra time. I have not included goals scored/conceded in penalty shoot-outs in the totals. I have included both games against Ajax in the 1973 'Super Cup.' Although UEFA do not regard this as the start of the Super Cup, Rangers do.

The highest number of goals scored is debatable and Rangers have as good a claim as anyone else. But as different countries have their own definition as to what constitutes first class football it is, in our view, an unanswerable question.

There are many books available on Rangers and we would hesitate to recommend one in particular. The most recent, which has a good historical section, plenty of photos and masses of statistics is 'The Essential History of Rangers' by Stephen Halliday which covers up to the end of season 2001-02.

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