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Goal Line Technology

Post by StAndrewsHMFC » Mon Mar 10, 2008 12:41 pm

Was wondering what opinions were on Platini's banning of research into goal-line technologies, apparently as dehumanifies the game or something. He's in favour of having 2 more officals behind the goals.

I find his attitdue a bit worrying, he appears to against technology of any form. Whilst I don't want football to go down the American Football route of TV stoppages constantly, I feel its stupid not to use instant TV replays for major decisions (not offside, but if the ball crossed/ didn't cross the line for example), given how easy this would be at major tournaments.

I'm also intrigued as to where these extra officials would come from, given that we're experiencing a shortage of officials in this country just now, does he think there is a vast market of goal line officials just waiting for that job to come along?

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Post by lbb » Mon Mar 10, 2008 1:40 pm

Either you accept, as I do, that human officials make errors and that those errors, however annoying, are part of the game. Or you say that those errors aren't acceptable and where there is a technological solution to those errors, you will use it.

Platini seems to want a fudged solution. He's admitting that human officials make errors but those errors are not acceptable so we should have, er, more human officials. It makes no sense. I wouldn't have goal-line technology myself but, if t was decided by the clubs and authorities, I wouldn't necessarily object to it either. Platini doesn't know what he wants.

I think Platini's problem is that he wants to portray himself as fighting for the little guy and fighting for 'real football'. He's the kind who, if he was around years ago, would have objected to floodlights or the offside rule or substitutions. It's opposition for the sake of it. I don't see that a new technology like this would harm the game, it would bring an obvious benefit.

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Post by Scottish » Mon Mar 10, 2008 6:44 pm

I wouldn't like to see football end up like tennis where officials outnumber players by about five to one but the game has long since moved past the stage where any match on any surface anywhere in the world operated according to the same rules and that used to be the big argument against introducing technology - that you couldn't use it at every level.

Well, Sunday league games don't have sponsors logos, seven stripped substitutes, all-seated stadia, segregation, televised evidence at appeals hearings etc etc yet the game is essentially the same. And cricket seems to get along fine with TV decisions in test matches which don't apply to the County Championship, let alone the public park.

If the technology is there and it can benefit the game it should be used. The breaks in play needed to produce a decision shouldn't be any longer than the time it takes to line up a wall at a free kick.

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