Alex 'Buttons' Stark, Falkirk FC 1885-1895

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John Meffen

Alex 'Buttons' Stark, Falkirk FC 1885-1895

Post by John Meffen » Sat Mar 28, 2009 11:05 am

Just wondering if anyone out there has details of Alex Stark's exploits with Queen's Park during the 1894/95 season. If it's possible I'd even like info of his games with the Strollers [if any].

I know there was a QP book which had line-ups, but I'm afraid I do not possess said.

Now getting details of his career with Canterbury in NZ [1895-1905] is going to be a little bit more difficult, but I never lose faith

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Alex 'Buttons ' Stark Falkirk FC 1885 -1895

Post by kiwiscot » Sun Mar 29, 2009 1:19 am

Canterbury is the province in NZ that the city of Christchurch is in, so if he played for Canterbury it would be a Select X1 from the provinces clubs . They would have played only a handfull of games a year. If you know what his club side was that would be a help in finding out, and remember that club football here was played in public parks/ council grounds with few clubs having there own enclosed ground so that level was pretty low key. The provincial X1 games were in all likelyhood played in enclosed stadiums with paying spectators. What was his time frame playing in NZ?

John Meffen

Post by John Meffen » Mon Mar 30, 2009 12:11 pm

He emigrated 1895, the last playing reference in NZ was him playing in NZ's first "international" against New South Wales in 1905

23/07/1904, Dunedin, Caledonian Ground, Att: c3000


New Zealand: Frank Smallbone; Len White, Archie Clapham; Robert Farquharson, Joe Taylor, William Kilgour; Bob Reilly, Herbert Morrison, David McMillan [c], Alex Stark, Billy Morrison.

New South Wales: [Squad: T. Spencer, A. McMahon, S. Condon, R. Byers, S. Hilder, P. Timms, W. Thorpe, C. Harrison, J.H. Wishart, W. Carey, R.H. Moore, F. Waddell, P. Metcalf, A. Rae.]

Referee: W.G. Smith (New Zealand).
Coaches: New Zealand: committee.
New South Wales: F. Robinson.

I've corresponded with an NZ fitba historian and it was the same Falkirk Bairn.

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Post by LEATHERSTOCKING » Thu Apr 02, 2009 3:20 pm

No-one by that name has ever played in Queen`s 1st Xl. In season 1894-95, 3 players played under nomes de guerre - "Sinclair" a full back, "Hay" also a full back & "Allison" a half back. Any Strollers records of that period were lost in the 1945 fire. "Allison" & "Sinclair" also played in 1895-96 season so they`re unliklely to be your man.

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