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John Meffen

Jimmy Allan Dundee Utd Mngr

Post by John Meffen » Fri Aug 20, 2010 2:01 pm

I found this on that infallible font of information Wikipedia

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jimmy_Alla ... rn_1897%29

It says former Dundee United Manager Jimmy Allan played for Cowdenbeath & Falkirk before becoming a manager.

they took the info from the Dundee Utd Website.

I have no record of him playing for Falkirk, he might have been a reserve that i have no note of, but...

Any Cowdenbeath fans got a clue?

Steve Emms
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Post by Steve Emms » Fri Aug 20, 2010 4:44 pm

I've got no record of him playing for Falkirk, either - but bearing in mind the article says that he managed 230 games for Cowdenbeath in two seasons I'm sure that the rest of the information is equally accurate.

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Post by gogsy1968 » Sun Aug 22, 2010 5:46 pm

A Whos Who of Cowdenbeath FC (part one) has Jimmy Allan signing for Cowdenbeath in 1920 from East Fife after previously playing for Glencraig Celtic. He had a short career with Cowdenbeath and it also mentions that he also played for Falkirk but no details on his time there. Also appeared in the Powderhall Sprint final in 1918. Dundee United's centenary history states he also played a few matches as a trialist with Dundees reserve team in the 1920's and that he was never a full-time player, probably earning more money in his role as a professional sprinter.

Gunboat Briggs
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Post by Gunboat Briggs » Sat Aug 28, 2010 7:55 pm

I've made a couple of changes to the Wikipedia page to remove the most obvious errors, such as the nonsense stats. Can't really add any more about Allan's playing career, but I have got some information on the previously accepted dates of his managerial tenure at Tannadice. Best place to cover that would be David's big list of all Scottish League managers though, so do pop over there there next ....

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Re: Jimmy Allan Dundee Utd Mngr

Post by cowdenbeather » Fri Jan 15, 2016 4:07 pm

From (next week's) Cowdenbeath Programme

Thomas Allan was a miner when he married English girl Annie Russell in Cowdenbeath in 1893. However, he had left the pits and become the local insurance agent for the Prudential by the time their first son Robert was born in 1895. Their second son was born on 29 June 1896 at 31 Chapel Street, Cowdenbeath and named James Russell Allan.

Thomas’s job took him to live in other places such as Kirkintilloch and Dunfermline but he eventually returned to the pits and the family settled back to living in Cowdenbeath High Street. In the 1912/13 football season, Jimmy Allan started playing at right back for the strong going junior side Glencraig Celtic. Jimmy wasn’t a big lad but he was fast and strong and senior clubs recognized his potential. In 1913, the 17 year old played in Falkirk’s pre-season trial and then in their ‘A’ team at the start of the season in the Central League. In 1914/15, he had a couple of games for the Stirling senior club King’s Park and in 1915 it was reported he was interesting Celtic.

However, during the War years he mainly carried on in the juniors with Glencraig Celtic. As aforementioned, Jimmy was pretty nippy and he also became a professional sprinter on the Games circuit – his brothers Bob and Tommy also competed but Jimmy was a cut above. He ran in the New Year sprint at Powderhall from 1915 onwards until well into the 1920s and was well backed without ever lifting the crown. He ran as J Allan (Musselburgh) suggesting he was being backed or trained by Musselburgh people. His brother Tommy ran as Stewart (Forfar) in recognition that he was trained by Davie Stewart (later the Cowdenbeath FC trainer) who hailed from that Angus town.

Post war, Jimmy continued to play at full back for Glencraig Celtic but he helped out by playing for Dunfermline Athletic in 1920 and Cowdenbeath in January 1921 when they had injury problems. After 1921, Jimmy joined the shopkeeper’s team in Cowdenbeath – Cowdenbeath Wednesday. He was now a hairdresser after having started his working life as an apprentice butcher. His brother Bob Allan was right back and captain of the Cowdenbeath Wednesday side and Jimmy came in at outside right. A little while later younger brother Tommy Allan joined the team as well and Jimmy accommodated this by moving to centre forward. Bob and Tommy were also hairdressers – Bob had a shop in Edinburgh while later Tommy had his own premises at 3 Foulford Street in Cowdenbeath.

Cowdenbeath Wednesday were the dominant force in the Half-day Holiday League football scene locally and won all the Cups as well as regularly being League champions. He scored 84 goals out of the 181 the club scored in their 3 consecutive League title wins between 1926 and 1928.

At the end of that season Jimmy moved up to Dundee where as well as his hairdressing he earned renown as a masseur – he had his own practice at 31 Murraygate. He applied for the job of Dundee United in 1938 but was unlucky enough to be a patient in Dundee Royal Infirmary, where he underwent an operation, when the position was filled. He subsequently though found a place on the bench assisting the club. In 1939, when War broke out manager Bob McKay departed after just 5 matches in charge and the Tannadice directorate appointed Jimmy Allan as manager/trainer. At that time Jimmy lived at 53 Loons Road, Lochee.

His first game in charge was back in his hometown when United lost 4-2 to Cowdenbeath at Central Park on November 4 1939. Jimmy Allan proved a capable enough manager and indeed took the club to its first major Cup Final, in the Emergency War Cup, against Rangers at Hampden Park in May 1940. He had prepared his team well and gave a stirring team talk on the day and United were pipped by a solitary Rangers goal. In 1940/41, United closed down but Jimmy then took charge of a new junior side at Tannadice – Dundee United Juniors. United were revived as a senior club again for 1941/42 with Jimmy Allan still at the helm. He carried on in that role until October 1942 when he left allegedly after a dispute with the board.

After the War, he was in charge of junior club Lochee Harp. In March 1947, the local press reported he wanted his Harp players to train in a hall two nights a week when he could also talk to them about tactics.

Jimmy Allan had a barber shop in Lochee until he retired in 1968. He died aged 85 on 19 May 1982 at his home – 5e Landsdowne Court, Dundee.

His brother Bob died aged 69 in Edinburgh in 1964 whilst brother Tommy died in Dundee aged 83 in 1986. After his time with Cowdenbeath Wednesday, Tommy Allan had played for Cowdenbeath Excelsior in the local Church League before in 1925 joining Glenbuck Cherrypickers. In the sixties, Tommy regularly visited Cowdenbeath for reunions of his old Excelsior team-mates at the Glen Tavern. The pub was owned by ex-Excelsior player Archie Allan (no relation) who was Chairman of the Cowdenbeath FC 200 Club. Tommy and Archie had been the goalscorers in 1924 when Excelsior had clinched the League title with a 2-1 win.
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Re: Jimmy Allan Dundee Utd Mngr

Post by Angusfifer » Tue Jan 19, 2016 9:43 am

Great detail Cowdenbeather. It also clears up the reference to East Fife in an earlier post, as I have no record of Jimmy playing for East Fife...

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