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Posted: Sun Jan 25, 2015 8:50 pm
by Scottish
I'm not sure if anyone's posted about this site before but it's rich in resources. Hover over the research tab then pick "Sports Library & Digital Collection." Then go to "Search the full text digital collection" and take it from there. I ran a search for "soccer" from the Sporting Life (careful, this is a US publication, not the familiar UK one and a search for "football" will bring up gridiron).

There were 352 results. Picking one at random brought this up: ... 707025.pdf

This contains a full article by a referee explaining why he awarded a penalty kick in a recent match! Pretty amazing for 1916 and something which wouldn't happen in Scottish football 99 years later. There was also a lament for base ball (two words) claiming it would never be restored to its former glories. Plus ca change 'n that.

On this page, also from 1916, ... 722013.pdf you'll see that the magazine actually has more soccer writers than any other sport. Although in the middle of the First World War an (then neutral) American squad was risking u-boats - this was a year after the Lusitania - to go to also-neutral Sweden for a tour.

There's an article on football in wartime England and a proud boast that up-and-coming young American Walter Hagen can hold his own at golf against those from the "lands of the heather and the rose."

There are also full reports from every Olympic Games from 1896 onwards. Be mindful here that a search for soccer will produce no results as one of the few things the IOC gets right is to call football football.

I've hardly started to scratch the surface.

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Posted: Thu Mar 05, 2015 11:53 pm
by kjell

That is a good link to have.

I did some searches on Liverpool and Everton and this one will be interesting for you: ... 710030.pdf

It is a page of the history over the last couple of seasons with Betlehem Steel Company FC and their players. Many Scots.


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Posted: Wed Jan 17, 2018 9:51 pm
by tribalcolours
hi all, im not sure if this idea is still going/working or if it has fallen by the wayside, but i am currently compiling the referees, lineups, attendances goal times and bookings for all league, scottish cup and league cup matches from 1970 to date. i also have a folder of kit designs i made for all scottish club kits (home, away, third) from 1970- to date as well. the idea was to compile a blog detailing a scottish football archive.
i have nearly all the attendances for matches in the league, but im missing some for the cup games, and i have been recently compiling a ref database. so far im up to 1981/82. i have looked at over 3000 matches from league and cup games, and im short about 70 matches for referees, it creates a rather interesting set of lists. like who has refereed the most old firm matches, the most derby matches (dundee, edinburgh) which ref was in charge of the most top flight matches through the 70's?
the answer is willie anderson, 104 games from 1970/71 to 1980/81.

anyways the short version of this is would this information be of interest to you gys? if so i can post it here.

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Posted: Thu Jan 18, 2018 12:53 pm
by Partick Thistle
NOTE TO ADMIN: tried to send a PM to tribalcolours but got the message:
"The requested users to be added do not exist."


That's a very generous offer you've made to the forum.

Could I take you up on it for the Thistle stats?

I'm working (with a little help from 1 or 2 others) on compiling in-depth match data with 2-way line-ups, 1876 to date for a Thistle history project which is pretty far advanced "behind closed doors".

Your gather would undoubtedly be helpful to fill in opposition / referee / bookings blanks. You wouldn't happen to have your line-ups individually source credited would you? (this is a key principle that we've introduced for our project).

In return, I could offer you a fussy health-check which might (or might not) highlight a problem or two, and a thank you in our credits section when we publish our (free!) resource.

You could e-mail:

A' the best,


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Posted: Fri Jan 19, 2018 11:02 am
by tribalcolours
hi william,

yes by all means i can give you what info i have for partick thistle matches. regards the source creditation, (im presuming you mean have i cited the sources i used for the information gathered?) all info has been taken from the newspaper articles from evening times, glasgow herald, and the press & journal. as i said there is some info missing, especially for the league cup matches, as in a lot of cases most matches were not even reported upon (especially if midweek) and in some cases like new year matches the papers did not print. i have not checked through old programmes yet,as im trying to glean as much as i can from papers first off before going off on tangents.

for the 70/1-79-70 decade there were 2430 league matches, i have refs for 2362 of them, attendances for all the matches, and lineups for all the matches. goaltimes im still working upon, but for 75-80 i think im missing around 75. yellow cards and red cards i think i have a fair amount of them but obviously there are a fair few missing due to them not always reporting them, although it may be possible to glean information in regards that by looking at match suspensions from lineups.


the image above shows an excerpt of the yearly totals for refs, (only their league games, and only top flight games.) the blue constitutes them being active, red constitutes them no longer being active, and the gold is them starting out on their careers. i have a similar table that details league cup games and scottish cup games, i also have a sheet with tables for each year that details specific games they refereed, so i can tell at a glance who refereed particular old firm games, or matches on weekly basis.


this image shows an excerpt of information for aberdeen in the 80/81 season, you can see the match number, date, venue, opponent, result, manager, referee, attendance, and the goalscorers, with goal times. the right hand side has who played at what position and if they were booked or not, (yellow box is obviously yellow cards).
its not shown on this graphic but obviously the player names are at the top of the boxes where playing positions are to show who played when/where.

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Posted: Fri Jan 19, 2018 1:55 pm
by Alan Brown

I noticed your posts on the forum. I am the administrator of the website, but have been really inactive on the forum for a while now. Several factors have led to this, work, family commitments as well as a recent bout of depression.

Quite a few of us were working on the archive, which we began around 2011. We started with the 1890 - 1900 period and most of the research has been done for these years (division one only). Brian McColl was kind enough to host all the 'hidden' files on his website. I have personally researched 90% of the 1900-1920 period and was working forward from there. I published a book covering the WW1 years 1914-19 in 2014, which included all the usual data: line-ups, scorers, attendances, referees, sendings off etc. My plan was to continue working forward from there, and most of the research has been done for the next proposed book covering the seasons 1919/20 to 1924/25. As I mentioned above, I haven't been putting much time into this recently but hopefully you have sparked my interest again!

Looking back now my plans were obviously too ambitious for two or three people to complete this huge project. If I ever do get this next book to print and continue on then I would plan to stop after season 1945/46. As you are working on the 1970s onwards, then that would only leave 1946/47 to 1969/70 to be researched. So only 24 years! I have never had the technical know how to get an online archive off the ground, so if it ever did happen then we would require the help of some 'experts'.

Even if I have limited contributions, I will continue to keep the website/forum online as I think it is a good forum for scottish football researchers to use and we wouldn't want to lose all the previous posts that are valuable to everyone on here.

Alan Brown

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Posted: Wed May 02, 2018 7:39 pm
by tribalcolours
ive compiled a viewable database using all the information and images that i have. and created something in excel that can do the trick. it basically allows the user to view on a season by season basis, any match in that league, any cup match played, and any european matches. at the moment ive limited it to the top league but the expansion possibilities are enormous. the user clicks on the match he wants to view in a particular week of that season and it lists the lineup, referee, att, ground, goalscorers, manager and subs. as well as a nice image of the kit for the particular teams. i have also added half times scores and goal minutes etc if you had that info, but because ive started at 1970, i dont have a lot of that info, but have included it where i can. the subs would also be expanded based upon more subs in use in present day. add to that ive added a filtered table that allows you to select a player and view his season totals for league, cup, europe, even international if you choose, again the possibilties are infinite in that you could also add a manager database. all thats required is some data entry.



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Posted: Fri May 04, 2018 11:50 am
by Alan Brown
Tribalcolours I have sent you a pm.

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Posted: Thu Oct 04, 2018 8:08 pm
by tribalcolours
my database now has the lineups, refs, goalscorers etc for every season from 1970-1980, and includes most of the lower league matches as well.

there was a very poor and limited response to it so i only post this as information purposes only. the plan is to continue with later seasons, so that I have a concise and detailed account of who played when, where in scottish football, bit like enfa, only on excel. you can view over 1500+ matches on one spreadsheet, saves sifting through mountains of webpages to get what you want.