Pro's in Lancashire 1884

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Pro's in Lancashire 1884

Post by kjell » Thu Feb 03, 2011 2:40 am

An article from Nottinghamshire Guardian, dated 13 September 1884 lists the professional players for the Lancashire clubs at the start of the 1884/85 season (old club in brackets):

Bolton Wanderers:
Hay (Staveley)
Powell (Welsh Druids)
K Kernan (Edinburgh Hibernians)
Roberts (Welsh Druids)
Bowen (Welsh Druids)
Kennedy (Scotland)
Struthers (Glasgow Rangers)
Steel (Glasgow Rangers)
Vaughan (Welsh Druids)
Brogan (Edinburgh Hibernians)
Davenport (local player from Bolton area)

Great Lever:
Trainor (Wrexham)
Lucas (Kilmarnock)
Holden (Darwen)
Evans (Walsall Swifts)
Ronstron (Darwen)
Gallocher (Johnston)
Hay (Kilmarnock)
Goodall (Kilmarnock)
Walkenshaw (Kilmarnock)
Howarth (Bolton)
Wagh (Glasgow Rangers)

Peteitgreer (KIlmarnock)
Bone (Kilmarnock)
Ross (Hurlford)
Scobie (Kilmarnock)

McLintock (Vale of Leven)
Smith (Witton)
Friel (Vale of Leven)
Keenan (Clitherhoe)
Dewhurst (Blackburn Olympic)
Bryce (Edinburgh St Bernard's)
Strachan (Blackburn Rovers)
McRae (Vale of Leven)
Crawford (Johnston)

Stevenson (Arthurlie)
Bonner (Thornliebank)
Conway (Thornliebank)
Yates (Blackburn Olympic)
Jefferson (Halliwell)

No players were mentioned for Blackburn Rovers, Blackburn Olympic or Preston North End.


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Re: Pro's in Lancashire 1884

Post by PJ » Thu Feb 03, 2011 10:42 pm

The Brogan mentioned for Bolton was James Brogan who joined them from Hearts not Hibs.
He did play for Hibs but when they discovered he was not a practising Roman Catholic he was made to leave and joined Hearts.

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