A Couple of Queries

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A Couple of Queries

Post by RobertB » Sat Dec 26, 2015 10:28 am

Looking for some pointers once again, if there is something already posted on here or elsewhere or if someone can help with the following.

Researching junior football in the early 30's I see a lot of players 'turning out' or 'requested' by seniors clubs, was this the norm and would I be right in thinking they would be trialists and limited to a certain number of games for any one side?

On the flip side seniors turning out for juniors, was this the same or did they require to be reinstated before they could play as it is today?

Also when senior football closed down during the war I read that Arthurlie had put a proposal forward to allow players to play junior which was rejected, was it only fully signed played who were banned from playing during the conflict?

I will have more questions to come but this will do me for now, as always thanks in advance for any help.

Cheers and best wishes to all for the festive season

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Re: A Couple of Queries

Post by HibeeJibee » Sat Dec 26, 2015 8:30 pm

Senior football did not fully close down during the war, of course... come 1941-42 there were 23 of the 38 SFL clubs playing (plus Rangers 'A'), and towards the end of the war this increased with the NE League going up to 10 clubs and a Glasgow & District Reserve League starting.

I'm sure I read something about a change in status of players during WWII, but I can't remember whether it was Seniors going Junior or vice versa. Incidentally, p42 of the SJFA Centenary History says:

"May 1942: by 9 votes to 3 the General Committee of the SJFA decided not to accept the SFA's invitation to field 2 teams to enable the North-Eastern League to run a Summer Cup competition"

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Re: A Couple of Queries

Post by bluedragon » Sun Dec 27, 2015 12:02 pm

It is a fascinating subject! I will be interested to learn more. I was intrigued to find a Junior player who played legally for one club in the Junior Cup and another in the League as late as 1954. I am not sure whether this will help by way of background but this is the little I know.

From the early 1920’s an annual amnesty was granted by the SJFA so that a player who on 1 August of the year was not on the pay or retained list of any Senior club could play as a Junior. These players were known as “come backs” and the opponents of the amnesty referred to the arrangement as the “whitewash”. It appears that a player could only use the amnesty once. The Scottish Football Association thought that the granting of an amnesty was an “unfriendly act” by the SJFA. Any Senior player that took advantage of the amnesty but then tried to return to play Senior football faced sanctions. On the other side the Junior clubs were fed up with the Senior clubs poaching their best players. I do not know all the background but the amnesty must have been one of the triggers for the Intermediate Dispute. I can see the amnesty granted for 1920, 1921 and 1922 and then again in 1927. I assume that it must have in place in the intervening years.

In 1924 there was an attempt to allow Juniors to go on trial for a month to an English Senior club and then come back to the Junior ranks. This was rejected.

From 1927 it appears that players had to apply individually to return to the Junior ranks and the term “reinstatement” starts to get used in the newspapers and it sounds as if each player’s case was considered individually.

After the Second World War there was a reinstatement age of 25 and like the amnesty rules a player could only be reinstated once.

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