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An average attendance of 2,046 gives Finland 63rd place in the world and 30th in Europe. No club managed a 5,000 average and there were no five-figure gates. The highest domestic attendance was just 7,363. On the plus side all twelve clubs in the top level Veikkausliiga reached a four-figure average, continuing a pattern which has held steady for most of the past twenty years or so.

Finland is one of those countries where there is an imbalance between home and away games as clubs meet three times. Only the bottom team goes down (shades of the twelve-club SPL). There are no play-offs.

4017 HJK Helsinki
2697 Lahti
2287 SJK Seinäjoki
2201 Vaasan
2167 TPS Turku
2107 Kuopion
1786 Inter Turku
1565 Jaro
1503 Honka
1455 Rovaniemi
1407 MyPa - 47
1302 IFK Mariehamn

The second level Ykkönen is also a national league and relative to the top division it has an impressive average crowd of 1,227, more than 60% of that of the higher echelon, making it 31st in the rankings. Though there were no attendances above 5,000 last season (the low was 182), and five clubs averaged less than 1,000, only two clubs failed to record at least one four-figure gat enduring the season.

The ten-club division also has an unequal number of home and away matches as teams play each other three times. The bottom two go down automatically to one of the regional leagues which operate below this level. Finland has one of the most developed and sophisticated pyramids in world football, stretching down to level eight. I have averages for the national level two Ykkönen but not below that.

2338 Ilves Tampere
2248 KTP
1381 JJK
1303 Haka
1259 Jazz
928 HIFK
909 Oulu
721 Viikingit
503 PK-35 Vantaa

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