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There were twelve clubs in the Albanian Super League last season, playing each other three times for one of those out of kilter systems of seventeen home games for half the division and sixteen for the other half and 198 overall. However, four were relegated and two promoted to make it ten for this season and an equal number of home and away matches. One of those going down – Bylis Ballsh – were expelled from the league with nine games to go after their club president physically assaulted a federation delegate during a match then cut the power off to prevent TV transmission and rounded off the day by attacking players from the opposing team with a baton.

He was handed a lifetime ban from Albanian football and the club demoted with the remaining matches deemed 3-0 wins for their opponents.

With an average of 2,180 Albania comes in at 60th in the world 29th in Europe. No club averaged as much as 4,000 and the biggest attendance all season was 11,000. Lowest was 200.

3708 Skënderbeu Korçë
3531 Lushnja
2861 Partizan Tirana
2808 Vllaznia Shkodër
2793 KF Tirana
2413 Flamurtari Vlorë
2260 Kukësi
1479 Teuta Durrës
1478 Laçi
1232 Besa Kavajë
1143 Bylis Ballsh
853 Kastrioti Krujë

The second level First Division comes in at 40th overall with an average of 565. The highest attendance last season was 5,000.

1130 Apolonia Fier
1060 Tomori
980 Elbasani
880 Pogradeci
745 Butrinti Sarandë
698 Burreli
670 Tërbuni Pukë
591 Albpetrol Patos
555 Luftëtari
507 Kamza
343 Shkumbini Pequin
293 Dinamo Tirana
205 Himara
161 Veleçiku Koplik
143 Ada Velipoja
80 Adriatiku Mamurrasi

Last season saw the sixteen teams play each other twice for thirty games each and 240 overall. However it has been regionalised for this season into two groups of ten. There are two other regionalised divisions below this for which I have no crowd figures.

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