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The top flight is one of those leagues with twelve clubs, half playing seventeen at home, half playing sixteen. Only the bottom team is relegated with no play-offs. With an average of 2,210 Slovakia are ranked 59th in the world and 28th in Europe. No team could claim an average of 3,000 or better and the highest attendance of the league’s 198 matches was 7,009 with the lowest 515.

2958 Dunajska Stredá
2894 Trencin
2804 Spartak Trnava
2480 Kosice
2331 Ružomberok
2233 Slovan Bratislava
2152 Senica
2107 Spartak Myjava
1938 Dukla Banská Bystrica
1915 Žilina
1531 ViOn Zlaté Moravce.
1098 Nitra

The 2. Liga had an average of 599, which makes it 39th of the second levels for which I have figures. Highest was 4,052 and lowest 153. It was a national level last season with the same number of teams and same format as the top division. The only difference was that there was no guaranteed relegation with the bottom team going into a play-off. The format has changed this season to a two-division regional split, rare in Europe at the second level and surprising for such a small (both in population and in area) country.

1694 Zemplín Michalovce
961 Sport Podbrezová
714 Tatran Prešov
679 Pohronie
616 Partizán Bardejov
611 Senec
379 Rimavská Sobota
337 Slovan Duslo Šaľa
308 Šamorín
280 Tatran Liptovský Mikuláš
273 Spartak Trnava Juniori (Trnava B)
260 Dubnica

The third level last season was split into West and East, both with sixteen teams playing each other twice. Thanks to the changes this season there are now four divisions at this level.

The Western division drew an average of 265. Highest was 1,022 (the only four-figure gate out of 240 matches played) and the lowest was fifty.

481 Sereď
416 Skalica
409 Petržalka 1898
381 Spartak Vráble
337 Topvar Topoľčany
259 Nové Zámky
231 Raca Bratislava
223 Dunajska Luzna
215 Horses Šúrovce
212 Vbrove
207 Nové Mesto nad Váhom
204 Puchov
202 Slovan Levice
173 Nemšová
153 Piešťany
139 Slovan Bratislava Futbal (B)

The Eastern average was slightly lower at 256 but had twice as many (two!) four-figure gates, 1,159 & 1,035. The low was just thirty.

405 Dolny Kubin
367 Poprad
359 SLAVOJ Trebisov
345 Futura Humenne
333 Namestovo
310 Format Martin
307 Lokomotiva Kosice
286 Milennium 2000 Bardejovska Nova Ves
265 Bodva Moldova nad Bodvou
252 Banik Ruzina
231 Vranov nad Topl'ou
196 Odeva Lipany
169 Žilina B
94 Tatran Prešov B
88 MFK Kosice B
85 Kremnicka

The overall average for the two divisions was 261. The Slovak fourth level is dealt with on the general thread for those leagues.

I should point out though that this season’s reconstruction means that the current fourth level has 120 clubs. In effect the fourth level of last season has been absorbed by the third. In 2013-14 there were 119 Slovak clubs playing at levels one-four. This season there are 102 at levels one-three.

Like the old SPL, the top Slovak division remains aloof from the rest and has its own website The lower orders are catered for here There’s no translation but both (stats-rich) sites are easily navigable after a bit of trial and error.

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