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The Hungarian system is a simple one, yet far from common these days. Sixteen teams meet each other twice and the bottom two are relegated. Thirty matches per club, 240 for the league as a whole. Simple as that. No splits, no play-offs, no half the division playing more home games than the other half, no not knowing the fixture list until two weeks beforehand. It’s a clear and easily understood system. Unfortunately from the Hungarian point of view it hasn’t done the country’s clubs much good as Hungarian football remains mired in mediocrity and attendances are at shocking levels. Some of what were once-feared names in the top level Nemzeti Bajnokság 1 draw crowds of pathetically small proportions.

Not one club in this once-mighty football country could average a five-figure attendance last season. Highest individual figure was 22,094 (one of only seven five-figure gates), the lowest 100. At an average of 2,991 Hungary were 26th in Europe and 57th in the world – two spectators per game behind the United Arab Emirates!

9012 Ferencváros
7500 Debrecen
4800 Diósgyőr
3330 Videoton
2927 Győri ETO
2826 Szombathelyi Haladás
2647 Mezőkövesd-Zsóry
2612 Újpest Dózsa
1964 Kecskeméti TE
1793 Pécsi MFC
1693 Kaposvári Rákóczi
1653 MTK Budapest
1517 Pápa
1371 Honved
1167 Paksi
1059 Puskás Akadémia (Videoton Youths)

Nemzeti Bajnokság 2 has the same number of teams as the top level and an almost identical format, the only difference being that three go down. It lies 37th in the second level rankings with an average of 795 – under half the Scottish equivalent in a “normal” (i.e. no Rangers, Hearts or Hibs) season. Crowds here ranged from 100-5,000

2247 Nyíregyháza Spartacus
1632 Zalaegerszegi TE
1138 Várda SE
1065 Dunaújváros-Pálhalma
913 Soproni VSE
840 Vasas Budapest
753 Békéscsaba
733 Balmazújváros Sport
647 Gyirmót
507 Szolnoki MÁV
413 Siófok
397 Ajka
373 Cegléd
332 Tatabánya
303 Szigetszentmiklós
217 Kozármisleny

The third level is split into three regions with the champions of each gaining promotion and the bottom three all dropping out of the league but staying part of the pyramid structure, which is quite extensive.

The English language version of the Hungarian association’s website is quite detailed but full match details are available for the top flight only. However, this site also contains a wealth of statistical material on Hungarian football history and in addition to the national set-up, regional leagues are being added all the time. There’s also a full history of Hungarian clubs in Europe.

One oddity here as far as attendances are concerned is that in European games they will sometimes cite as many as four differing figures from separate sources.

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