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Post by Scottish » Mon Jan 26, 2015 11:10 pm

Only 15% of its area is geographically part of Europe but when given the option Kazakhstan didn’t hesitate to jump ship from Asia and join UEFA. The Premier League has twelve clubs playing each other twice before splitting into two groups of six. They play each other twice more, one group for the title and European places and the other for relegation with one going down and another into a play-off.

Some may be surprised by the size of Kazakh crowds but it should be remembered that their teams can draw 20,000+ in European ties as Celtic found out when they played Shakhtar Karaganda and this season Astana drew 27,500 – almost capacity – to see their tie with Villarreal in the ultra-modern Astana Arena. http://astanaarena.kz/eng/index.php Borat would be proud of it.

So it’s not that surprising that Kazakhstan, with an average of 3,893, are placed as high as 22nd in Europe and 50th in the world. Highest last season in the Kazakh Premier League was 13,500 and the low was 800.

7706 Kairat Almaty
6906 Aktobe
4125 Kaisar
3575 Shakhtar Karaganda
3488 Astana
3406 Ordabasy
3172 Taraz
3156 Tobol
2919 Spartak Semey
2850 Atyrau
2719 Zhetysu
2700 Irtysh

I have no figures for the second level First Division

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