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Forty-two countries worldwide have a top level average of 5,000 or greater. Of these the Czech Republic is in 40th position. Of the twenty European countries with 5K or more, the Czechs are 20th with an average of 5,068. Best supported Sparta Prague (361st in the world) also drew the highest crowd of the season – 19,089. Lowest was a derisory 155 on the final day for Znojmo’s match against Dukla Prague.

The Czech league consists of two national levels and a sophisticated pyramid system which splits into two component parts organised into regional Bohemian leagues and Moravian-Silesian ones from the third level downwards. Bohemia publishes attendance figures. Moravia-Silesia does not.

The top flight contains sixteen clubs playing each other twice in a straightforward system which results in thirty league games per club and 240 in total. The bottom two are relegated with no play-offs.

11340 Sparta Prague
10090 Viktoria Plzeň
6995 Teplice
6525 Banik Ostrava
6182 Slavia Prague
4972 Sigma Olomouc
4677 Slovan Liberec
4660 1. FC Slovácko
4199 Bohemians 1905
4176 Zbrojovka Brno
3691 Mladá Boleslav
3277 Vysočina Jihlava
3216 1. FK Příbram
2935 Jablonec
2765 Dukla Prague
1392 1. SC Znojmo

The second level Národní liga also contains sixteen clubs with two up and two down automatically and the same number of games as the top flight. Because of the regional structure below, teams are relegated to either Bohemia or Moravia-Silesia depending on location. The average of 1,165 was 35th best. Highest gate of the season was 7,465 and lowest 154 – just one less than the top division.

3465 Frydek-Mistek
2177 České Budějovice
1819 Hradec Kralové
1526 Táborno
1353 Karviná
1243 Zlín
1134 Viktoria Žižkov
881 Pardubice
862 Ústí nad Labem
821 Baník Sokolov
734 Varnsdorf
696 Třinec
691 Baník Most
470 Vlašim
364 Loko Vlatavín
345 Bohemians Prague

A word here about the two Bohemians clubs. Bohemians 1905 is the “original” Bohemians and Bohemians Prague (a lowly side hitherto known as Střížkov Praha 9) rented the Bohemians logo from the sports franchise which the original Bohemians broke away from. M’learned friends have been involved for some years but fans of the “original” club are in no doubt that Bohemians 1905 are the real deal. It’s a bit like an existing small team taking over the Rangers name and logo after the oldco went bust and the newco established a team called Rangers 1872. There’s no doubt which side would be backed by the fans.

The third level promotes its respective champions and operates relegation to and promotion from the fourth level. As I said, I only have figures for the Bohemian League which comprises eighteen clubs playing each other home and away for a total of thirty-four games each and 306 for the season. The league average was 234 and best-supported club was MFK Chrudim with 403. The Bohemian leagues issue attendance figures way down the pyramid but they don’t appear to archive them so while this season's are available, I can't find last season's on the Czech FA site.

The (Bohemian) fourth level leagues are dealt with on the general level four thread.

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