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Austria, in common with neighbouring states such as the Czech Republic and Hungary doesn’t draw the crowds it once did. But even if it hasn’t declined to the level of those countries, gates have still decreased by a drastic 3,000 per game inside seven seasons. The sole consolation is that at least they haven’t dropped back to the levels of the turn of the century when they barely scraped past the 5,000 mark.

If they look west, Austrians will see Switzerland recording record gates. On the face of it there’s no explanation as to why this should be the case.

Austria has one of the oldest championships in the world, dating back to the dawn of the 20th century (though originally known as a cup it was originally a league in all but name).

The Austrian Bundesliga today comprises ten clubs playing each other four times with the bottom club relegated. With an average of 6,165 it is 18th in Europe and 37th globally. Top supported Rapid Vienna are a disappointing 305th in the world.

13792 Rapid Vienna
10106 RB Salzburg
8211 Austria Vienna
7530 Sturm Graz
5895 Wacker Innsbruck
4582 Wolfsberger
4374 Ried
2938 Admira Wacker Mödling
2264 Wiener Neustadt
1958 Grödig

Best for the season was 17,456 and lowest 974.

Below the top tier, Austria has decent attendances. The second level Ersteliga has exactly the same number of teams and format as the Bundesliga. The main difference is that in addition to the bottom club being relegated, the second last enters relegation play-offs with the three regional third level champions to contest the two places available. The other difference is that Liefering are a feeder club for RB Salzburg and are therefore debarred from promotion should they win the league.

The average of 1,626 makes Austria 24th in the rankings, just behind Scotland in position but by 200+ in numbers. Highest was 6,253 and lowest 100.

3328 SCR Altach
3194 Austria Lustenau
2364 St. Pölten
2118 Mattersburg
1289 First Vienna FC 1894
1123 Horn
1069 TSV Hartberg
809 Parndorf 1919
634 Kapfenberger SV 1919
337 Liefering

Austrian football is riddled with teams carrying sponsors names as part of their official title. As elsewhere, I have tried to avoid using such names wherever possible.

The Austrian third level has three divisions – East, Central, and West. As noted above, the three respective champions enter the play-offs for the two places available. Thus one regional champion is guaranteed promotion and it’s easy for two to do so as well.

At the bottom of these sixteen-club leagues (thirty games each, 240 in all) the last three all go down to be replaced by the champions from the NINE fourth level regions. Several reserve sides play in the regional leagues.

Averages for the three regions were 656 (Mitte), 440 (Ost) and 399 (West). The overall average was 499. That’s not bad at all considering there were forty-eight clubs at this level and each region easily outstrips the national Swiss third level. Unlike the second level it’s difficult to make a comparison with Scotland. The best would be to say if you added both Highland and Lowland Leagues to the current Leagues One and Two you’d have numbers broadly similar both in teams and averages.

Highest crowd at this level was 7,200 (Mitte). In the West it was 2,000 and in the East 2,069. Lowest was around fifty in all three divisions.

1363 Wiener SK
1023 Amstetten
510 Retz
480 Stegersbach
468 Floridsdorfer
467 Oberwart
437 Neuberg
342 Rapid Vienna II
318 Austria Vienna II
300 Sollenau
281 Wiener Viktoria
257 Ritzing
238 Ober-Grafendorf
235 Mattersburg II
194 Schwechat
127 Admira Wacker Mödling II

2247 LASK Linz
1595 Vorwärts Steyr
1108 Lafnitz
930 Blau-Weiß Linz
764 Vöcklamarkt
683 Pasching
470 Austria Klagenfurt
426 Wallern
363 Union St Florian
363 SAK Klagenfurt
356 Kalsdorf
281 Allerheiligen
260 Sturm Graz II
245 Wolfsberger II
220 Villacher
186 Kapfenberger II

1298 Austria Salzburg
514 Bregenz
501 Dornbirn 1913
446 Wattens
420 Eugendorf
388 Höchst
370 Hard
318 Kufstein
305 St Johann
300 Seekirchen 1945
275 Rheindorf Altach II
275 Schwaz
271 Neumarkt
257 Wals-Grünau
250 USK Anif/RB Salzburg Juniors
201 Wacker Innsbruck II

Austria’s extensive fourth level is dealt with on the level four thread.

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