Play-off Averages 2014-15

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Play-off Averages 2014-15

Post by Scottish » Sun Jul 05, 2015 2:54 pm

Explainer: Where clubs from the same division meet each other in a play-off then I count these within the individual and divisional figures. Except when clubs meet at a neutral venue. This is not usually the case but has been so in England for many years. Thus the Championship play-offs are considered as four home games for the semi-finals and are included in club and divisional totals and averages but the Wembley final is separate. The same appertains all the way down to the Conference where the Wembley match is included in the overall neutral figure. Where clubs from different divisions meet each other, as in Scotland, I don't think it's right to include these in divisional totals (even though the SPFL suggests they should be) but they are included in individual club tallies as these are clearly home league games - an oddity of the Scottish play-offs is, that Premiership aside, attendances decline as you move down the divisions.

Another complication is play-offs between clubs from the same level but different regional set-ups. Here I have done the same as games between clubs from different divisions and included the home games among club totals but separated the play-offs from the divisions.

I have included the number of games played in brackets as these can vary enormously from country to country. Where there are two figures - e.g. 1/2 - it represents the levels the respective clubs involved played at in the 2014-15 season. The word 'Mixed' denotes teams from either different divisions or regions meeting.

Play-off averages
54793 England Neutral Play-off Finals (4)
42301 Germany 1/2 Mixed (2)
34406 Germany 2/3 Mixed (2)
27943 Scotland 1/2 Mixed (6)
12836 Germany 4 Mixed
8701 Spain 3 Mixed Promotion AND relegation (34)
6371 Russia Mixed (4)
4268 Norway Mixed (5 - 2014)
3811 Italy 3 Mixed Promotion AND relegation (22)
1684 Germany 5 Mixed (13)
979 Scotland 4/5 Mixed (4)
886 Scotland 3/4 Mixed (6)
830 Scotland 2/3 Mixed (6)
737 Germany 6 (Hamburg) Mixed (2)

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