RSSSF Scotland records - changes

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RSSSF Scotland records - changes

Post by Gabe » Thu Oct 15, 2020 3:16 pm

Bluedragon and I have now added a new list to the RSSSF of unofficial matches played by Scotland to sit alongside the existing details of official matches. We have tried to identify and include only those matches where a Scotland XI was selected by the Scottish Football Association although we have included the five Scotland v England matches played before the SFA was formed. We have so far added team details, goalscorers, etc. for matches against national or representative opposition. We aim to add the details for the other matches, e.g. tour matches, trials, etc. in the next couple of months.

In some matches the SFA involvement in the team is difficult to determine. For example, in Jimmy Mason’s Sunderland v Scotland XI testimonial match in 1953 the newspapers say that Sir George Graham, SFA secretary was involved in setting the match up and we have therefore included that game.

We would be very happy to hear about matches that we may have overlooked or if you disagree with any matches we have included. Here is the link:

In Andy Mitchell’s words we opened a “big can of worms” with the discussion on another thread a month ago about the local government area in which UK grounds were located at the time of matches listed in the RSSSF Official Internationals records were played. We accepted the challenge! Here is a link:

The summary list has not yet been changed but the individual record of each match has been amended where necessary. Again, let us know if there are further changes required.

Thank you.

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Re: RSSSF Scotland records - changes

Post by prorege » Fri Oct 16, 2020 6:24 am

Scotland played a couple of warm-up matches before the 1982 World Cup against lower division Spanish sides.

Unfortunately I cannot locate the details at present but I will have them somewhere.

Photos from one of the games featured on a Facebook site not that long ago.

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Re: RSSSF Scotland records - changes

Post by ScottishFA » Fri Oct 16, 2020 9:56 am

Here are a few comments and additional matches, which may not meet your criteria:

3.10.1891 the opposition should really be described as Canadian-American XI, as you make clear in the footnotes.

28.5.1929 v Norway - was an East Norwegian select. As you will know the 'official' match on that tour was a West Norwegian select, but the SFA decided to call it a full international anyway. The Norwegians do not.

8.5.1935 v England, Jubilee match at Highbury was Anglo-Scots rather than a Scotland XI.

1935 v Vancouver. The date of the game was 1 June (a Saturday) not 2 June.

Wartime: there were all sorts of Scotland matches of varying official status. I think the following could be included:
24.4.40 Scotland XI 4, Empire Army 1, Tynecastle
28.4.40 Irish XI 2, Scottish XI 3, Dublin (the Scottish team was selected by the Glasgow FA)
5.12.42 Scotland XI 0, RAF 4, Newcastle
25.11.44 Scotland XI 7, RAF 1, Hillsborough

17.11.45 Scotland XI 4, Combined Services 2, Celle
18.11.45 Scotland XI 1, Combined Services 1, Hamburg

19.6.49 US Soccer consider this a full international match.

22.3.76 Great Britain XI 3, Scotland XI 2, Alan Mullery Testimonial at Fulham

19.4.78 game was at Kingsmills in Inverness, not Inverurie
30.5.86 opposition was LA Heat, not Heath!

The match in 2002 doesn't really belong here, being a closed door trial of fringe players. It belongs in the same category as the 19th century trial games and the Anglo-Scots matches.

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Re: RSSSF Scotland records - changes

Post by Gabe » Fri Oct 16, 2020 1:15 pm

Thanks very much for the comments.

Prorege – thanks to your lead we have now found most of the details of the two warm-up matches against Torralto, a Portuguese semi-professional club.

ScottishFA – we will amend the two typos you spotted and added in a few notes to reflect your comments. Thank you. Looking at the possible additional matches the only ones we do not intend to include are:

28.4.40 Irish XI 2, Scottish XI 3, Dublin (as you say a Glasgow FA team rather than a SFA one)

22.3.76 Great Britain XI 3, Scotland XI 2, Alan Mullery Testimonial at Fulham (this team does not appear to have had any SFA involvement and was made up of 10 Anglo-Scots and Franco Cordova (Roma).

The overview page of official international matches has now been amended to show the correct location of UK grounds at the time, e.g. Villa Park, Aston, Ibrox Park, Govan, etc.

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