McFadden's international goals.

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McFadden's international goals.

Post by Scottish » Thu Sep 13, 2007 10:15 am

A point of dispute here. "Rothmans" and London Hearts give James McFadden nine international goals at the start of this season while the SFA credit him with ten. So depending on who to take as authority he now has either 11 or 12 after scoring against both Lithuania & France.

In these circumstances my rule of thumb is to go with the most authoritative source and in this instance it's the SFA. The discrepancy is easily explained. The SFA credit him with his goal against Spain in Valencia in the match which was abandoned in September 2004 while other sources don't.

The SFA are following precedent here. Nobody argues about Denis Law's record of 30 international goals for Scotland yet this includes two against Austria in an abandoned game in 1963. Logic dictates that either Faddy's goal v Spain should count or Law's total should be reduced to 28 and Kenny Dalglish becomes sole record scorer with 30.

As Denis has already suffered enough through having six goals scored for Man City against Luton in an abandoned FA Cup tie being chalked off it wouldn't be fair to do the same internationally. Nor would it be popular. So 12 it is for McFadden. Incidentally, the difference between the goals v Austria counting and those v Luton not is that the latter was replayed while the former wasn't (Law did get one v Luton in the second game but his team lost 3-1).

If 12 is the accepted figure then McFadden joins Alan Gilzean, Billy Steel & John Collins in joint tenth place in the all-time list. Hard to credit maybe but he has now scored more goals for Scotland than such luminaries as Joe Jordan, Colin Stein and Ian St John.

Before anyone says it's a lot easier to score these days given the number of games played there are two things to consider. Yes, there are more qualifiers nowadays thanks chiefly to the break-up of the USSR and Yugoslavia but that has been the case since the early 1990s and the only player to reach double figures since then is John Collins (Ally McCoist & Mo Johnston having played regularly in the second half of the 1980s). Secondly - and this is often forgotten - modern players have lost three games per season from the schedule from the home internationals.

Given his age and his one-in-three strike rate it's conceivable McFadden might go on to overhaul all other Scotland goalscorers bar Law & Dalglish and even they might be under threat at some stage in his career.

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Post by ScottishFA » Thu Sep 20, 2007 3:03 pm

Actually, I think the reason for the discrepancy is not the fact that the Spain game was abandoned. As it had reached the second half, both countries and FIFA recognise it as a full international.

Rather, McFadden's goal came from his free kick out on the right which skiffed off the head of the Spanish skipper Ruben Baraja and into the net. So some reports gave this as an own goal.

From the SFA's perspective, this was seen as a deflection rather than an intervention, and McFadden was credited with the goal. For the record, other McFadden goals were also deflected, the one against Holland being the most obvious, and there was also the shot v Moldova, but they all count towards his total.

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Post by Sat31March1928 » Thu Sep 20, 2007 8:10 pm

I've got it down as an og. I'll change to to a JM goal.
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