Hibs in Aberdeen?!?

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Hibs in Aberdeen?!?

Post by StAndrewsHMFC » Wed Feb 06, 2008 8:22 pm

I was flicking through an Aberdeen history in the bookshop the other day, when something jumped out at me. The author wrote that in 1902 Hibs were ready to move lock stock and barrel to Pittodrie, and that only the owners of Pittodrie at the time saying no stopped this. He went on to say this was the SECOND time Hibs had tried to move to Aberdeen.

Quite simply- What the duck? Can someone tell me what was going on and why and indeed if Hibs really were intent on moving north at this time

the hibLOG
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Post by the hibLOG » Wed Feb 06, 2008 9:07 pm

Tis indeed true. Firstly Edinburgh was quite a crowded and competitive environment for football at that time, what with Leith and St Bernards as well as Hearts and Hibs. Secondly, Hibs' sloping pitch was a frequent bone of contention, being even more precipitous than it was within living memory. The two things together led to Hibs seriously contemplating upping sticks to the open (and flatter) spaces of Aberdeen. The proposal was instrumental in the three main Aberdeen sides burying their differences and amalgamating to form the present Aberdeen FC and warding Hibs off.

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