Third Lanark Managers

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Third Lanark Managers

Post by Scottish » Sat Oct 18, 2008 10:03 pm

Following the query on Trophy-winning managers I've received a message from Graham Deans which suggests Frank Heaven was Thirds manager in 1903-04 when they won the league. The only online reference I can find is a wikipedia article claiming he was manager at Cathkin in 1904-05 when Thirds won the Scottish Cup.

As stated ad nauseum I find wikipedia an incredibly dodgy source of information so any other verification of this would be welcome.

However this forced me to look at my notes for Third Lanark managers and while I thought I had a fairly comprehensive list it seems there are a few outstanding queries which I list in italics below in the hope that they can be cleared up.

Third Lanark secretary/managers
R Moodie 1872-1885 secy
J Thomson 1885-1893 secy
WA Abel 1893- 1910 secy
Edward Tarbert 1910-1919
Russell Moreland 1919-1922
Alec Bennett 1922-1925
M Richardson 1925-1934 (John Morrison cited as manager in The Scotsman 11/3/29 moved to St Mirren later that year)
Tom Jennings Dec 1934-1939 (replaced Russell Moreland according to Scotsman 13/12/34)
George McMillan 1939- Sep1946 (during war director William Campbell was manager with McMillan returning in 1944)
Jimmy Carabine Nov1946-Mar 1950 (agreed to stay till end of season)
Alec Ritchie cs 1950 - 1954
Jimmy Blair 1954 - Nov 1955
Bill Hiddleston Nov 1955- Jan 1957
Bob Shankly 1957 - 1959
George Young Oct 1959-Dec 1962
Willie Steel Dec 1962 - 1964
Bobby Evans cs 1964-cs 1965
Bill Hiddleston 1965-1966
Francis Joyner Apr1966-Jan 1967
Bobby Shearer Jan 1967- cs 1967

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Post by soccerhistory » Sat Oct 18, 2008 10:45 pm

Tarbert was appointed manager in August 1908 (see this link ... gust-1908/). The information came from the Daily Record for that particular date.

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Post by Scottish » Sun Oct 19, 2008 4:29 pm

Thanks for that. Further info on Frank Heaven from Graham Deans - "I too had seen the Wikipaedia article that you mention. My other source is Tom Taw, Third Lanark: Champions of Scotland, 1903-04 (2007) page 50, where his appointment is described in some detail. There may be some connection which can be traced back to the fact that Third Lanark were invited to pay the first match at West Brom's ground  several years earlier. Bob Laird's Third Lanark Athletic Club (1999) has a team photograph on page 16 where Frank Haven (sic) is described as "Manager and Secretary".  Bert Bell's list in Still Seeing Red (1996) 207 makes no mention on Frank Heaven at all - and I suspect that would probably be your main source of information."

All of which suggests Frank Heaven was indeed the manager/secretary 1903-1905 and Edward Tarbet became manager in 1908, not 1910. But it leaves the question as to who was manager/secretary 1905-1908 as well as the other issues italicised in my previous post.

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Post by ScottishFA » Mon Oct 20, 2008 2:37 pm

A couple of small points of detail:

WA Abel, first name was William (known as Bill).

And the correct spelling for Thirds' nemesis was Hiddelston.

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