Celtic 11 Dundee 0

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Celtic 11 Dundee 0

Post by bonxie » Sat Dec 06, 2008 8:14 pm

I'm looking for confirmation of the goalscorers in Celtic's record league win in 1895 (26/10/1895).

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Post by Scottish » Sat Dec 06, 2008 8:44 pm

Sorry, it appears to be one of those games where the reporters present couldn't be bothered to note all the scorers. I have only seven goals accounted for - Blessington 2, Ferguson, Doyle, Battles, Meechan, McMahon.

The Glasgow Herald has only a two-sentence match report which gives no scorers but says it was 6-0 at half-time and Dundee played the entire second half with only nine players.

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Post by stuthejag » Sat Dec 06, 2008 10:06 pm

In Celtic the offical illustrared history by George McColl

it lists

Meechan, Doyle, Battles, Blessington (2), McMahon, Ferugson (1+4P).

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Post by nightfire » Sun Dec 07, 2008 1:40 pm

stuthejag wrote:In Celtic the offical illustrared history by George McColl

it lists

Meechan, Doyle, Battles, Blessington (2), McMahon, Ferugson (1+4P).
The "4P" seems to refer to 4 untraced goals. This book unfortunately doesn't indicate what it means and some peple have taken it as, for example, Ferguson scored 1 goal + 4 penalties.

This is again evident in this book for Celtic's first Scottish Cup game which was a 5-1 victory v Shettleston. The last player listed for this game in the book is O'Connor and next to it P x 5. Some people have this as O'Connor having scored 5 penalties which is not the case as penalties were not introduced until 1891. So again I think it means the 5 goals were untraced. The only report I found for what was a low key game at that time suggests that one of the goals may have been an own goal but no detail for any of the other goals.

For the Celtic v Dundee game I have the following goalscorers based on various match reports:

James Blessington 2, Sandy McMahon 2, Johnny Madden 2, Willie Ferguson, Dan Doyle, Barney Battles, Peter Meehan & Willie Maley.

However, reporting of goals at that time can vary especially in high scoring games when the reporters would have got fed up writing down the appropriate detail and would just say " . . and another 5 goals were put through . .". Also with no names or numbers on jerseys it will have been difficult to identify the person scoring on occasions.

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