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Partick Thistle

George Easton cs 1903- Apr 1929
Donald Turner Apr 1929- cs 1947
David Meiklejohn June 1947 – Aug 22nd 1959
Willie Thornton Sep 24th 1959-Sep 25th 1968
Scot Symon Sep 25th 1968- Apr 1970
Davie McParland May 1970- May 9th 1974
Bertie Auld June 1974-Nov 16th 1980
Peter Cormack Dec 4th 1980-cs 1984
Benny Rooney May 21st 1984 -Mar 31st 1986
Bertie Auld Apr 2nd 1986-July 1986
Derek Johnstone July 1986- Mar 5th 1987
Billy Lamont Apr 15th 1987-Oct 15th 1988
John Lambie Nov 11th 1988- 31st Oct 1989
Sandy Clark Nov 3rd 1989- Mar 2nd 1990
John Lambie Mar 5th 1990- Aug 9th 1995
Murdo MacLeod Aug 14th 1995- May 23rd 1997
John McVeigh July 14th 1997-May 15th 1998
Tommy Bryce June 1998 - Mar 8th 1999
John Lambie Mar 9th 1999 – May 24th 2003
Gerry Collins May 24th 2003-Nov 30th 2003
Derek Whyte & Gerry Britton Dec 1st 2003 –Dec 20th 2004
Dick Campbell Jan 4th 2005- Mar 27th 2007
Ian McCall May 25th 2007- Apr 15th 2011
Jackie McNamara Apr 16th 2011-Jan 30th 2013
Alan Archibald Jan 30th 2013-


David Meiklejohn died while manager

Symon became general manager

Pat Quinn caretaker Auld-Cormack

John Hagart caretaker Johnstone - Lamont

Bobby Watson caretaker Lamont-Lambie

Gerry Collins caretaker Clark-Lambie

John Lambie caretaker Whyte/Britton - Campbell

Jimmy Bone caretaker Campbell - McCall
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Ian Wilson June 2000-Dec 31st 2003
Iain Stewart & Paul Mathers Jan 22nd 2004-Oct 28th 2006
Steve Paterson Oct 30th 2006 –10 Jan 2008
Neale Cooper Jan 10th 2008-Mar 22nd 2011
John Sheran Mar 24th 2011-Sep 23rd 2011
Jim McInally Oct 7th 2011-


Ian Wilson had two previous spells in charge of Peterhead in the Highland League - 1993-94 & 1996-98

Dave Watson caretaker Wilson - Stewart/Mathers

Bobby Mann Cooper-Sheran (one match)

Charlie Duncan/Martin Bavidge Sheran-McInally
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Queen of the South

Alec Wright 1 Jun 1928- 31 Jul 1931
Jimmy McKinnell Sr 1 Aug 1931- Jun 29 1935
George McLachlan Jun 29 1935 - Mar 30 1937
Willie Ferguson 30 Mar 1937- 2 Jul 1938
Jimmy McKinnell Sr 2 Jul 1938 –April 1946
Jimmy McKinnell Jr April 1946- May 23rd 1961
George Farm May 23rd 1961- 28 Jan 1964
Bobby Shearer Aug 1965 – 31 May 1966
Jackie Husband May 31 1966- May 4 1968
Harold Davis June 1970- Dec 1970
Jim Easton May 1971-March 1973
Willie McLean Mar 1973-Sep 22nd 1974
Mike Jackson cs 1975- May 24 1978
Willie Hunter 12 Jul 1978 -23 Nov 1978
Billy Little Jun 20th 1979- 15 Apr 1980
George Herd May 1980- Dec 1980
Harry Hood Feb 27 1982-Apr 17 1982
Drew Busby Jun 10 1982-May 12 1984
Nobby Clark Jun 1984-Aug 4th 1986
Mike Jackson Aug 4th 1986-28 Apr 1987
Davie Wilson Jun 1987-26 Nov 1988
Tom McGinn 3 Dec 1988-3 May 1989
Billy McLaren cs 1989-14 Apr 1990
Frank McGarvey 6 Jul 1990-6 Mar 1991
Ally McLeod Jun 1991- 8 May 1992
Derek Frye May 1992-Mar 1993
Billy McLaren 31 Mar 1993-7 Jan 1996
Mark Shanks & Rowan Alexander Jan 11th 1996- May 1998
Rowan Alexander May 1998 – 13 Jan 1999
George Rowe & Ken Eadie 13 Jan 1999- 6 May 2000
John Connolly 26 Apr 2000-3 May 2004
Iain Scott 3 May 2004- 31 Oct 2005
Ian McCall 10 Nov 2005- 28 Apr 2007
Gordon Chisholm 7 May 2007- 22 Mar 2010
Kenny Brannigan 22 Mar 2010 -31 May 2011
Gus MacPherson 10 June 2011-30 Apr 2012
Allan Johnston Apr 30th 2012- June 24th 2013
Jim McIntyre June 27th 2013-Sep 9th 2014
James Fowler Sep 9th 2014-


Alec Wright player and secretary as well as manager

Jimmy McKinnell Sr secretary/manager

Jimmy McKinnell Jr also secretary/manager, remained as secretary till end of 1967-68

George Farm's player registration retained till Apr 30th 1964

Bobby Shearer player/coach

Jim Easton player/coach

Not caretaker but Mike Jackson took charge of training after Willie McLean and prior to his own appointment.

No caretaker but Harry Hood took charge of training between Hunter-Little. Team selected by directors Willie & Sam Harkness & Billy Houliston. This arrangement in place since Oct 28th, a month before the official resignation of Hunter.

Derek Frye coach with Directors selecting team

John Connolly appointed Apr 26th but couldn't start till Rowe/Eadie contracts expired.

Stuart Lovell caretaker Scott-McCall
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Queen's Park

Eddie Turnbull Mar 1963-Mar 1965
Harold Davis 1965-Nov 3rd 1969
Tommy Duncan Nov 3rd 1969 - 1974
David McParland July 26th 1974 - May 23rd 1976
Joe Gilroy June 22nd 1976 - Apr 7th 1979
Eddie Hunter Apr 8th 1979 - Dec 8th 1994
Hugh McCann Mar 11th 1995 - Apr 1st 1997
Graeme Elder cs 1997-May 9th 1998
John McCormack June 15th 1998- Nov 20th 2002
Kenny Brannigan Jan 15th 2003 – Aug 17th 2004
Billy Stark – Aug 27th 2004 –Jan 5th 2008
Gardner Speirs Jan 25th 2008-Dec 16th 2013 (stayed on for match Dec 21st)
Gus MacPherson Jan 22nd 2014-


None of the above were managers

David McParland first coach to have full selection authority.

John McCormack first full-time coach

David Hunter/Andy McGlennan caretakers Hunter-McCann
David Hunter/Andy McGlennan caretakers McCann-Elder
David Hunter/Paul Martin caretakers McCormack - Brannigan
Bobby Dickson/Scott Murdoch caretakers Brannigan-Stark
David McCallum/Bobby Dickson caretakers Stark-Speirs
Richard Sinclair/Tony Quinn caretakers Speirs - MacPherson
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Raith Rovers

Peter Hodge May 20th 1907- Nov 12th 1912
James Tod Nov 12th 1912 - June 1913
John Richardson June 1913- Oct 1916
Peter Hodge Oct 1916- Sep 9th 1919
James H Logan Sep 9th 1919 –May 14th 1926
George Wilson June 4th 1926-Dec 16th 1927
Billy Birrell Dec 19th 1927- Dec 3rd 1930
James H Logan Dec 8th 1930 – Oct 22nd 1933
Bob Bennie Oct 22nd 1933-Nov 2nd 1934
Sandy Archibald Nov 3rd 1934-Oct 12th 1939
Willie Reekie Oct 21st 1939 -July 24th 1945
Bert Herdman July 25th 1945-Oct 18th 1961
Hugh Shaw Nov 20th 1961 –May 15th 1963
Doug Cowie May 21st 1963-May 8th 1964
George Farm May 26th 1964- July 12th 1967
Tommy Walker July 20th 1967- Feb 1st 1969
Jimmy Millar Feb 9th 1969-Sep 28th 1970
Bill Baxter Oct 20th 1970-Nov 28th 1971
George Farm Nov 29th 1971 -Oct 17th 1974
Bert Paton Oct 22nd 1974-Mar 24th 1975
Andy Matthew Apr 22nd 1975- Jan 10th 1978
Willie McLean Jan 30th 1978-Jan 28th 1979
Gordon Wallace Jan 30th 1979-July 31st 1983
Bobby Wilson Sep 11th 1983-Jan 22nd 1986
Frank Connor Mar 21st 1986- Nov 5th 1990
Jimmy Nicholl Nov 20th 1990- Feb 8th 1996
Jimmy Thomson Feb 9th 1996 – Aug 27th 1996
Tommy McLean Sep 3rd 1996 - Sep 10th 1996
Iain Munro Sep 16th 1996 – Apr 14th 1997
Jimmy Nicholl June 20th 1997-June 14th 1999
John McVeigh June 14th 1999 –Dec 1st 1999
Peter Hetherston Dec 1st 1999 – Dec 11th 2001
Jocky Scott Dec 19th 2001- Apr 30th 2002
Antonio Calderon July 1st 2002-May 19th 2004
Claude Anelka June 7th 2004-Oct 8th 2004
Gordon Dalziel Oct 11th 2004-Aug 31st 2006
Craig Levein Sep 5th 2006-Oct 30th 2006
John McGlynn Nov 21st 2006-June 26th 2012
Grant Murray July 3rd 2012-


Andy Young, youth coach at Dunfermline, accepted the manager's job as replacement for Tommy Walker but later changed his mind and stayed at Dunfermline

Tommy Walker continued as secretary until Jan 15th 1971

Bobby Reid/Johnny Urquhart caretakers Farm-Paton

Bobby Reid/Johnny Urquhart caretakers Paton-Matthew

Bobby Reid/Johnny Urquhart caretakers Matthew-McLean

Dick Campbell caretaker Wallace-Wilson

Alex Kinninmonth caretaker Wilson - Connor

Murray Cheyne caretaker Connor - Nicholl

Stevie Kirk caretaker Munro - Nicholl

Kenny Black caretaker Hetherston-Scott

Gary Kirk caretaker Dalziel-Levein

Gary Kirk - caretaker Levein-McGlynn

Paul Smith caretaker post-McGlynn

Updated with dates taken from John Litster's club history 'Always Next Season.'

Note: there are some minor date differences between the main text section of the book and the appendix on managers. I have taken dates from the latter unless specifically contradicted elsewhere in the book. Still unclear on some dates and caretakers.
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William Wilton May 27th 1899- May 2nd 1920
Bill Struth May 2nd 1920-June 15th 1954
Scot Symon Jun 15th 1954-Nov 1st 1967
Davie White Nov 1st 1967-Nov 27th 1969
Willie Waddell Dec 8th 1969-June 7th 1972
Jock Wallace June 7th 1972-May 23rd 1978
John Greig May 24th 1978-Oct 28th 1983
Jock Wallace Nov 10th 1983- Apr 7th 1986
Graeme Souness May 9th 1986-Apr 16th 1991
Walter Smith Apr 19th 1991-May 16th 1998
Dick Advocaat June 1st 1998-Dec 12th 2001
Alex McLeish Dec 13th 2001- May 6th 2006
Paul Le Guen May 8th 2006 –Jan 4th 2007
Walter Smith Jan 10th 2007-May 15th 2011
Ally McCoist May 16th 2011-Dec 21st 2014
Stuart McCall Mar 12th 2015-


William Wilton died while manager

Willie Thornton caretaker White-Waddell

Tommy McLean caretaker Wallace - Greig

Graeme Souness appointed Apr 7th but had to finish playing season in Italy before taking up the post.

Alex Totten caretaker Wallace - Souness (1 league game)

Walter Smith caretaker Wallace- Souness (2 league games)

Ian Durrant caretaker Le Guen- Smith

Keenny McDowall Originally intended to be till end of 2014-15 season, after McCoist, but resigned Jan 19th 2015. Stayed in charge until McCall appointment.
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Ross County

Bobby Wilson cs 1994-cs 1996
Neale Cooper June 1996-Nov 11th 2002
Alex Smith Nov 26th 2002-June 10th 2005
John Robertson June 21st 2005-Oct 24th 2005
Gardner Spiers* Oct 29th 2005- Apr 6th 2006
Scott Leitch Apr 18th 2006-Apr 30th 2007
Dick Campbell May 17th 2007-Oct 2nd 2007
Derek Adams Oct 2nd 2007- Nov 11th 2010
Willie McStay Nov 25th 2010 - Feb 12th 2011
Jimmy Calderwood Feb 17th 2011 -May 7th 2011
Derek Adams May 18th 2011-Aug 28th 2014
Jim McIntyre Sep 9th 2014-


Only managers since joining league included

Danny MacDonald/Ronnie Duncan caretakers Cooper-Smith

Donald Park caretaker Robertson-Spiers

George Adams caretaker Spiers-Leitch

*Spiers caretaker throughout, appointed AFTER match on 29/102005

Craig Brewster caretaker Adams-McStay

George Adams caretaker McStay-Calderwood

Steve Ferguson & Richard Brittain caretakers post-Adams
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St Johnstone

Peter Grant Aug 1919- May 1920
Jimmy Buchan July 1920-Apr 1922
David Taylor May 1924-May 1931
Tommy Muirhead June 1931- Apr 1936
David Rutherford Apr 1936- Apr 9th 1947
Jimmy Crapnell May 1947-Jan 6th 1953
Johnny Pattillo Feb 7th 1953-May 1958
Bobby Brown June 1958- Feb 20th 1967 (appointed Scotland manager Feb 7th)
Willie Ormond Mar 29th 1967-Jan 17 1973 (appointed St Johnstone Mar 24th 1967, appointed Scotland Jan 5th 1973)
Jackie Stewart Jan 17th 1973- Feb 3rd 1976
Jim Storrie Apr 14th 1976-Aug 23rd 1978
Alex Stuart Oct 3rd 1978 - Apr 5th 1980
Alex Rennie Apr 24th 1980 - May 1985
Ian Gibson June 18th 1985 - Apr 1987
Alex Totten Apr 27th 1987 - Dec 14th 1992
John McClelland Dec 14th 1992 - Nov 16th 1993
Paul Sturrock Nov 17th 1993-Sep 5th 1998
Sandy Clark Sep 6th 1998 –Sep 24th 2001
Billy Stark Oct 5th 2001 – Apr 25th 2004
John Connolly May 3rd 2004- Apr 4th 2005
Owen Coyle Apr 15th 2005-Nov 22nd 2007
Derek McInnes Nov 27th 2007 -Oct 19th 2011
Steve Lomas Nov 3rd 2011-June 6th 2013
Tommy Wright June 10th 2013-


David Rutherford died while manager

While the club had no manager between 1922-1924 there is a suggestion that David Taylor might have been in charge during the 1923-24 season.

Jim Peacock caretaker Stewart-Storrie

Roger Hynd caretaker Stuart-Rennie

Jim Peacock Gibson-Totten

Billy Kirkwood caretaker Clark-Stark

Mixu Paatelainen/Jim Weir caretakers Stark-Connolly

Jim Weir caretaker Connolly-Coyle

Jody Morris/Alex Cleland caretakers McInnes-Lomas

Callum Davidson/Jody Morris caretakers March 2014 (two league games) whilst Wright in hospital for gall bladder operation.
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St Mirren

John McCartney June 1904-Jan 19th 1910
Barrie Grieve Mar 1910-July 1910
Hugh Law July 1910-July 1916
John Cochran July 1916- Apr 1928
Donald Turner Apr 1928-Apr 1929
Jock Morrison May 1929-Oct 13th 1936
Sam Blythe Oct 26th 1936-Jan 1941
Donald Menzies Feb 1941-Sep 1942
Willie Fotheringham Sep 1942-June 1945
Bobby Rankine July 1945-Aug 1954
Willie Reid Aug 1954-Dec 20th 1961
Bobby Flavell Dec 20th 1961-Dec 18th 1962
Jackie Cox Dec 28th 1962-May 6th 1965
Doug Millward July 1965- Nov 30th 1966
Alex Wright Dec 1st 1966-Oct 22nd 1970
Wilson Humphries Nov 8th 1970-Jan 6th 1972
Tommy Bryceland Jan 18th 1972-May 27th 1973
Willie Cunningham June 1973-Oct 19th 1974
Alex Ferguson Oct 21st 1974-May 31st 1978
Jim Clunie June 5th 1978-Nov 25th 1980
Rikki McFarlane Nov 23rd 1980-Sep 29th 1983
Alex Miller Oct 5th 1983-Dec 4th 1986
Alex Smith Dec 16th 1986-Apr 20th 1988
Tony Fitzpatrick Apr 1988-Mar 4th 1991
Davie Hay Mar 25th 1991-May 1992
Jimmy Bone May 1992-Aug 14th 1996
Iain Munro Sep 9th 1996-Sep 10th 1996
Tony Fitzpatrick Sep 12th 1996-Dec 14th 1998
Tom Hendrie Dec 24th 1998-Sep 5th 2002
John Coughlin Sep 5th 2002-Nov 25th 2003
Gus MacPherson Nov 25th 2003 - May 11th 2010
Danny Lennon June 7th 2010 - May 12th 2014
Tommy Craig May 13th 2014- Dec 9th 2014
Gary Teale Dec 9th 2014-


Thomas Gibb caretaker Morrison-Blythe
Bobby Rankine died in post but had been ill for a long while with Willie Reid effectively manager.
Iain Munro manager for one day only
Willie McLean caretaker Wright-Humphries
Alistair Miller caretaker Humphries-Bryceland
Erik Sorensen caretaker McFarlane Miller
Peter Cormack caretaker Miller-Smith
Gordon Smith caretaker Fitzpatrick-Hay
Tony Fitzpatrick caretaker Bone-Munro
Sergei Baltacha caretaker Fitzpatrick-Hendrie
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Jim Weir Secretary 1951-1969
Alex Smith cs 1969 – Sep 27th 1974
Harry Glasgow 1974- Apr 4th 1981
Jim Black Apr 6th 1981- cs1984
Archie Rose cs 1984-Dec 23rd 1986
Billy Henderson Jan 1987-Sep 1987
Alex Rennie Oct 3rd 1987- BEF Apr1989
Jim Meakin BEF Apr 1989-Apr 12th 1991
Dennis Lawson Apr 12th 1991-Sep 23rd 1992
Terry Christie Oct 3rd 1992 – Jan 24th 1999
Graeme Armstrong Jan 24th 1999-Apr 19th 2000
Brian Fairley Apr 21st 2000- Sep 20th 2001
Jimmy Bone Sep 30th 2001 –Apr 15th 2002
John McVeigh Apr 29th 2002 – Jan 22nd 2004
Tony Smith & Des McKeown Feb 2nd 2004-Apr 22nd 2005
Des McKeown Apr 22nd 2005-Nov 1st 2006
Campbell Money Nov 10th 2006 –Sep 29th 2007
John Coughlin Oct 12th 2007-Dec 11th 2010
Davie Irons Dec 30th 2010 - July 10th 2012
Martyn Corrigan July 17th 2012-Jan 21st 2014
Scott Booth Feb 18th 2014- (1st game in charge Mar 8th) - Feb 2nd 2015


David Connell caretaker Lawson-Christie

Gordon Buchanan caretaker Fairley-Bone

Gordon Buchanan caretaker Bone-McVeigh

Tony Smith caretaker McVeigh-Smith/McKeown

Paul Smith caretaker McKeown-Money

Brian Hamilton caretaker Money-Coughlin

Graeme Robertson/Kevin McGoldrick caretakers Coughlin - Irons (no matches played)

Brown Ferguson/David Rowson caretakers Corrigan - Booth

Brown Ferguson caretaker post-Booth
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Stirling Albion

Tom Fergusson cs 1945-Oct 1951
George Paterson Oct 26th 1951 - June 1952
Tom Fergusson cs 1952- Aug 1955
John Mathers cs 1955- Aug 27th 1956
Tom Fergusson Aug 27th 1956- Jan 1960
Alex McCrae Jan 19th 1960-Mar 21st 1960
Danny McLennan June 21st 1960-Nov 17th 1961
Sammy Forsyth Nov 21st 1961-June 1963
Sammy Baird cs 1963 - Feb 1968
Willie MacFarlane Mar 13th 1968- Sep 23rd 1969
Francis Joyner Oct 11th 1969- Dec 24th 1970
Bob Shankly Mar 9th 1971- cs 1973
Frank Beattie July 18th 1973-Sep 1974
Alex Smith Sep 27th 1974- Dec 16th 1986
George Peebles Dec 17th 1986-Mar 15th 1988
Jim Fleeting May 1988 - Nov 19th 1988
John Brogan Nov 1988-Apr 18th 1994
Kevin Drinkell Apr 18th 1994 –May 6th 1998
John Philliben May 17th 1998-May 2000
Ray Stewart May 2000-Apr 29th 2002
Allan Moore June 18th 2002- May 26th 2010
John O'Neill May 26th 2010 - Jan 18th 2011
Jocky Scott Jan 19th 2011 - Dec 4th 2011
Greig McDonald Dec 4th 2011- Oct 18th 2014
Stuart McLaren Nov 2nd 2014-


Dates need firming and gaps explaining

Tom Fergusson caretaker McCrae-McLennan

Tom Fergusson caretaker McLennan-Forsyth

Walter Roy caretaker Joyner-Shankly

Jim Meakin caretaker Peebles-Fleeting

Ray Stewart caretaker Drinkell-Philliben

Darren Smith & Ross Forsyth caretakers McDonald-McLaren
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Dunky McGill Sep 16th 1967-
Dan McLindon July 1st 1970-cs 1971
Eric Caldow 1973-Jan 7th 1975
John Hughes (1) Jan 29th 1975-76 cs coach only. Selection by committee
Neil Hood Mar 3rd 1980-cs 1981
Gordon Hamilton cs 1981-Nov 25th 1981
Davie Sneddon Mar 1982 –Dec 1985
John Clark Jan 8th 1986-July 30th 1986
Robert Clark Aug 4th 1986 -1987
Alex McAnespie Nov 28th 1987-Mar 9th 1996
Campbell Money Mar 28th 1996 – May 15th 1999 (first match in charge Apr 6th)
Billy McLaren June 1999-May 10th 2003
Neil Watt June 2003- May 30th 2006
Gerry Britton May 30th 2006-Feb 1st 2008
Derek Ferguson Feb 1st 2008 – Jan 24th 2009
Keith Knox Jan 26th 2009-Oct 22nd 2012
Stephen Aitken Oct 23rd 2012-


A bit of a mess.

Were there managers 1976-1980 and if so who?

Dates for others need firming up

Robert Reilly caretaker McAnespie-Money
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Third Lanark

I've separated them (and, previously, Airdrieonians) from the rest of the ex-league clubs on account of the length of their time in league football.

Frank Heaven Aug 1903-cs 1904
Samuel Wyllie 1904-1908
Ned Tarbat August 1908-cs 1917
George Morell cs 1917-cs 1921
Alex Bennett Aug 1921-May 23rd 1924
No Manager 1924-25 PA Berry Secretary
John Richardson May 1925 - Nov 18th 1927
Jock Morrison Dec 1927- May 1929
Russell Moreland cs 1929 - Dec 1934
Tom Jennings Dec 13th 1934-Dec 8th 1938
George McMillan Feb 9th 1939- Sep 6th 1946 (Feb 9th was official appointment but in charge after resignation of Jennings)
Hugh Good (coach only) Sep 1946-Nov 1946
Jimmy Carabine Nov 1946-cs 1950
Alec Ritchie May 1950 - July 13th 1954 (died in office)
Jimmy Blair July 5th1954 - Nov 11th 1955
Bill Hiddelston Nov 11th 1955- Jan 29th 1957
Bob Shankly Oct 10th 1957 –Oct 7th 1959 (gave notice to quit Sep 17th)
George Young Oct 8th 1959-Dec 12th 1962 (appointed Sep 28th)
Willie Steel Jan 21st 1963 - June 1964
Bobby Evans June 22d 1964-June 1st 1965 (previously player/coach June 12th 1963-May 28th 1964)
Bill Hiddelston cs 1965-Apr 1966
Francis Joyner Apr 1966-Jan 7th 1967
Bobby Shearer Jan 10th 1967- Apr 1967


Thirds history 'Still Seeing Red' gives M Richardson as manager 1925- 1934 but there are newspaper references to Morrison and Moreland during this period and John Litster's history has Richardson leaving for Falkirk in November 1927.

During the war director William Campbell was manager with George McMillan returning in 1944.

Jimmy Carabine submitted his resignation on March 30th 1950 but agreed to stay on till the end of the season.

Bill Hiddleston was the chairman.

Reuben Bennett effectively caretaker Hiddleston-Shankly

Wee Red Book gives J Murray for 57-58
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I've dealt with Airdrieonians & Third Lanark separately. Information on many of the other former league clubs is scanty and some won't even have had managers as they operated in the days when the board of directors selected the team. I list below what information I do have.


Andrew Wylie 1921-1926
Bob Wylie 1926-1933 (and after leaving league)

Broxburn United
Thomas Heatlie Aug 1921-Apr 1923


Alex Maley cs 1914- cs 1921
JB Prentice 1921-22
James Hay 1922-24
Alec Bennett May 23rd 1924 - cs 1926

Clydebank (2)
Jack Steedman 1967-1975
Bill Munro 1975 – Aug 21st 1981
Sam Henderson Aug 21st 1981- May 12th 1988
Jim Fallon May 12th 1988 -July 1993
Brian Wright cs 1993 - Apr 5th 1997
Ian McCall July 8th 1997 - Jan 14th 2000
Stevie Morrison Jan 15th 2000 - Aug 12th 2000
Tommy Coyne Aug 12th 2000 - Feb 1st 2001
Derek Ferguson cs 2001 - May 29th 2002


Jack Steedman was chairman/ He was also manager 1988-1996 but this did not, ostensibly, involve team selection. Bill Munro's initial title was coach. Henderson, Fallon & Wright were all described as coaches but were managers as we understand the term.

Davie Irons/Kenny Brannigan caretakers Wright-McCall
Tony Fitzpatrick caretaker Coyne-Ferguson

Edinburgh City

I have a note of James Coltart as manager in 1934 but I believe this is the same Bailie Coltart who played an instrumental role in founding the club and is therefore not a manager in the common understanding of the word but if anyone knows otherwise please do say.

Match secretary at the same time and until 1939 was Matthew McCabe

John Litster gives following as managers
James Coltart 1931-32 (see above)
J Henderson 1932-33
Matthew McCabe 1933-36 (see above)
David Bannatyne 1936-1940
WHS Coltart 1948-1949


Rowan Alexander Nov 2000- Mar 5th 2007
Davie Irons Mar 5th 2007- Feb 19 2008
Mick Wadsworth Feb 20th 2008-May 19 2008

King's Park

In 1934 the secretary was Reg Dawber. In 1939 the manager was Tom Fergusson, later of Stirling Albion.

Leith Athletic

Jimmy McColl was appointed player/manager in 1931. He was one of eleven players freed in January 1932 and did not stay on as manager.

Peter Kerr is given as the manager during the 1930s until at least December 1938. The secretary was James McKenzie

Bobby Baxter was manager 1947-1950

St Bernard's

James Dawson cs 1919- Jan 18th 1921
Thomas Heatlie Apr 1923 - cs 1924
Davy Gordon 1925-1928
Robert Kemp/James Kirkwood 1928-1931
Bob Innes 1931-Oct 1939
Jack Reid Oct 1939-1946

Kemp, Kirkwood, Reid all directors.

Information from George Park's history of St Bernard's.
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Post by LEATHERSTOCKING » Thu Mar 19, 2009 6:30 pm

Queen`s Park`s coaches -
What constitutes the coach is open to some debate. Up until the 1960s, the Committee picked the team and the player organised the training under the captain. Ex Rangers full back Bert Manderson was certainly wielding the magic sponge in the 20s to the 40s but he wasn`t the first and he can`t really be called more than "trainer/sponge man". Similarly Willie Gibson splashed freezing water on bruised goolies from about 1945 to the early 60s. Another ex Ranger Billy Williamson could be called trainer/coach in the early 50s but he was only there to "coach" what the committee provided him with and I think he was only the first one of two or three in similar positions. The first real coach would have to be Eddie Turnbull who was the first to be in charge of team selection from cs.1962-1963 to the end of February 1965 when he went off to Aberdeen. Harold Davis (another ex Ibrox stalwart) came in next I think from cs.1965-66 and was in charge until Davie McParland circa 1971(I think). Gilroy is next 1975 to 1979 then Eddie Hunter until 1995. Hunter had been on the coaching staff from when he stopped playing at the end of 1973-74 but progressed to head coach in 1979. He was followed by Hugh McCann 1995-97, Graeme Elder (player/coach) 1997-98, Cowboy McCormick1998-November 2002, Paul Martin (interim coach) November 2002-January 2003), Brannigan January 2003-August 2004, Bobby Dickson (interim coach) August 2004 & Billy Stark (1st game = vs. Stenhousemuir 4/9/2004).

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