Combined Reserve Leagues

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Combined Reserve Leagues

Post by sureitsza » Thu Aug 25, 2011 12:56 pm

Looking for dates and scores from the following Combined Reserve League fixtures:

SEASON 1975-76
AIRDRIEONIANS v Clyde, Dumbarton, St Mirren
ARBROATH v Hamilton, Kilmarnock, Partick T
CLYDE v Airdrie, Arbroath, Dumbarton, Hamilton, St Mirren
DUMBARTON v Airdrie, Arbroath, Clyde, Hamilton, Morton, Partick T
HAMILTON ACADEMICAL v Airdrie, Arbroath, Clyde, Kilmarnock, Partick T, QOS, St Mirren
KILMARNOCK v Morton, St Mirren
MORTON v Clyde, Kilmarnock
PARTICK THISTLE v Arbroath, Clyde, QOS
QUEEN OF THE SOUTH v Airdrie, Dumbarton, St Mirren
QUEEN’S PARK STROLLERS v Arbroath, Clyde, Kilmarnock, QOS, St Mirren
ST MIRREN v Dumbarton, Hamilton, Morton, Partick T, QOS, Queen’s Park
SEASON 1976-77
ABERDEEN v St Mirren
AIRDRIEONIANS v Ayr, Clydebank, Dumbarton, QOS, Rangers
AYR UNITED v Aberdeen, Clydebank, Motherwell, QOS, Queen’s Park, Rangers
CLYDEBANK v Dundee U, Motherwell, Partick T, Rangers
DUMBARTON v Aberdeen, Dundee, Hearts, Motherwell, QOS
DUNDEE v Airdrie, Dundee U, QOS
DUNDEE UNITED v Killie, Motherwell, QOS
HEARTS v Dumbarton, Hibs
PARTICK THISTLE v Airdrie, Dundee
QOS v Dundee, Hearts, Queen’s Park, Raith R
RAITH ROVERS v Clydebank
RANGERS v Airdrie, Hearts
SEASON 1977-78 played each other 3 times.
AIRDRIEONIANS v Falkirk (not 1 Apr)?, Morton (not 27 Dec), QOS (both?), Queen’s Park (not 6 Feb), Raith R (not 12 Nov)?
DUMBARTON v Falkirk (both?), Hearts (not 22 Oct)?, QOS (not 18 Mar)?
FALKIRK v Airdrie (not 17 Sep)?, Dumbarton (both?), Hearts (not 26 Nov)?, Kilmarnock (not 29 Oct), Morton (both)
HEARTS v Dumbarton (not 13 Aug)?, Falkirk (not 24 Sep)?, QOS (both?)
MORTON v QOS (not 19 Nov), Raith R (not 1 May)
QUEEN OF THE SOUTH v Airdrie (not 24 Dec)?, Dumbarton (not 27 Aug)?, Falkirk, Hearts (not 26 Apr)?
QUEEN’S PARK v Morton (not 5 Nov)
RAITH ROVERS v Airdrie (not 7 Jan)?, Kilmarnock, St Johnstone (not 27 Aug)
ST JOHNSTONE v Dundee (not 12 Nov), Falkirk (not 20 Apr)

A wee check in your programme collections could help with the above.

As always, a big thank you for any assistance with the above.

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Re: Combined Reserve Leagues

Post by gogsy1968 » Sun Aug 28, 2011 9:18 pm

1975/6 Feb Queen of the South 1-1 Airdrie
1976/77 4th Apr Partick Th 1-1 Dundee ab due to floodlight failure

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Re: Combined Reserve Leagues

Post by gogsy1968 » Tue Aug 30, 2011 6:36 pm

1976/77 28th Feb Rangers 3-0 Hearts
1977/8 Feb/Mar Dumbarton 1-1 Hearts

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Re: Combined Reserve Leagues

Post by smokiesnwine » Thu Sep 15, 2011 6:35 pm

April 20 Hearts 1 Hibs 3
February 8 Motherwell 4 Hibs 4

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Re: Combined Reserve Leagues

Post by prorege » Fri Dec 23, 2011 10:56 am

Clyde v Airdrie, Dec 13, 5-5
Airdrie v Clyde, Date unknown, 9-1

Dundee v Airdrie, April 25, 1-0
Airdrie v Dumbarton, Sep 23, 7-1
Airdrie v Rangers, Apr 4, score unknown

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