Scotland 5-1 England 11th March 1882

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Scotland 5-1 England 11th March 1882

Post by Gabe » Fri Dec 11, 2015 9:52 pm

I did some research about the no-dark blue shirts which Scotland worn during the '800s.
You have already helped me about the Lord Rosebery's colours.

Now I have found on the site ... -1939.html the news that Scotland wore a new jersey in the blue and white hoops of rugby team Edinburgh Academicals with the addition of a gold lion rampant in the match Scotland v England 5-1 on 11th March 1882. The fact is also confirmed from the site of Londonhearts in the match report by The Scotsman.
Unfortunately it is not easy to do extensive research in Italy, so I ask for your help for the following questions :

1- the description of the crest on the shirt is correct? Was truly a golden lion stitched on the shirt?
Sorry, I can not exactly understand the explanations of the two sites.

2- Was there a special reason that inspired Scotland to wear that shirt ?

So I will be able to add to my archive notes more detailed than I have now.
I believe it is right to point out the so rare event of wearing a jersey with different colours from the official ones during the life of the team in the '800s.

Thanks in advance


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Re: Scotland 5-1 England 11th March 1882

Post by ScottishFA » Sat Dec 12, 2015 2:53 pm

Hi Gabe

Although I can't say why the Scotland team chose that particular strip, have a look at this photo of the 1882 team which shows the crest:


To me, it looks like a dark (?red) lion rampant on a light background, and it could well be that this colour was gold - but more likely it was just a bright yellow. The Scotsman is the only paper I can find which mentions the strip, and it describes it as 'a Scottish lion worked in gold as a badge'.

For comparison, here is the team in 1881, wearing Rosebery colours and a crest that looks like a white lion rampant on a dark blue background:


And the 1884 team, which looks to me like red on yellow:


Of course, without finding an original strip it would be impossible to be sure, but I suspect that 'gold' was a description of the colour rather than the material.

The final thing to mention is the choice of blue and white hoops. Again, no idea why this was but I doubt if there was a genuine link to Edinburgh Academicals. Note that Rangers also briefly adopted blue and white hoops later that year.

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