25/10/1975 line up requests

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25/10/1975 line up requests

Post by football2011 » Sun Aug 07, 2016 8:24 pm

Can anyone help me with the line ups and referees for these First Division games from the above date?

Airdrie v East Fife
Dunfermline v Falkirk

Alan Brown
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Re: 25/10/1975 line up requests

Post by Alan Brown » Sun Aug 07, 2016 10:31 pm

I made the decision to throw all my copies of the Rothmans yearbook in the bin last year after posting on here if anyone would want them for free. This book would have had all your line-up answers! Sorry I can't help with with the info you need.

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Re: 25/10/1975 line up requests

Post by Vasco » Tue Aug 09, 2016 4:08 pm

AIRDIEONIANS 1 (Paul Jonquin (pen.)
crowd 3,000

David McWilliams (ex-Johnstone Burgh)
Paul Jonquin
J. Lapsley
Jim Black
Derek Whiteford
Tommy Walker

Sub. J.March

Ernie McGarr
Dave Clarke
Colin Methven
Derek O'Connor
Harry Kinnear
Kevin Hegarty

sub. B.Rankin

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Re: 25/10/1975 line up requests

Post by Vasco » Tue Aug 09, 2016 4:17 pm

FALKIRK 2 (Wilson 2)
crowd 4,000

Alan Evans
Alec Kinninmouth
Graham Shaw

no sub

George Watson
Stuart Kennedy
John Whiteford
Jim Shirra

no sub

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Re: 25/10/1975 line up requests

Post by Vasco » Tue Aug 09, 2016 6:28 pm

One of the beauties for me of searching for these line-ups was the fact that the edition of the Rothmans in which I got all the details was the same edition I used to win the British Mastermind title in May 1977. The National Federation of Football Supporters' Clubs was celebrating its Golden Anniversary. All the events took place in the Mount Royal Hotel in London. I had won the Hearts title and then the Scottish, before going down to London with famous HMFC luminaries John Hunter, John Roy and Jock Mitchell.

I just wonder where all the time has gone (I'm 62 today).

We travelled down by train and carry out on the Friday and at night went to see the equivalent of The Good Old Days (remember Leonard Sachs?) in a theatre with, I think, the City Variety Players (?). It was music from the 1890s/1900s era, with "Down at the Old Bull and Bush" and other such pish.

The quiz took place on the Saturday evening and comprised 40 questions, the answers to which would be taken from the Rothmans Football Annual of 1976-77. The reigning champion was one Jim Palmer from Wimbledon, at that time still a non-league club. I had beaten Tom Marchbanks from Hamilton Accies to win the Scottish title. Anyway whatever time later I've scored 38 out of 40 (I still have the original quiz questions) and won the British title with a record score which stands to this day. I'll post them later and point out which two I got wrong. One was about Bury or Oxford and the only team to defeat them in Division Three in 1975-76. That's how hard the questions were!

I can remember being congratulated by someone called Ro(d)gers from Brentford, an old guy, Les, from Leeds and a load of, for whatever reasons, Manchester United and Arsenal fans. Eddie Mansell, who was Welsh, and Dave Smith, a former milkman, were high up in the Manchester United supporters organisation. After several beers (remember I'm only 22), Dave Smith decided that we would go to the Playboy Club. He had been in there the previous weekend with "Denis and Paddy" after United's FA Cup final win over Liverpool. What memories!

On the Sunday evening there was a dinner to celebrate 50 years of the Federation, with Harold Wilson as the principal guest. The other major name that night was Peter Adamson (Len Fairclough from Corrie). I was presented with the trophy (again!), by the latter, not the former. Unfortunately, I have no photographs of either evening, although there were plenty taken.

I won the Scottish title a further twice and was runner-up (in Edinburgh 1978) and third in 1979 in the British. I eventually lost the Scottish title, after a hat-trick of wins, to Duncan Hoskins, the son of the famous speedway star of an earlier era. Dave Smith and I remained pally for a few years until I stopped being involved with the Federation in 1983, to go back to playing football. I was awarded a bronze medal for my services to football supporters in 1983, by, of all people, Pat Stanton, and in, of all places, the Hibees social club. By that time I had become pally with Drew Urquhart and Frank Dougan of the Leithers. Ted Sinfield from the Arsenal became a right good friend, and Ian Todd (Sunderland) and Monica Hartland (Stoke City) featured prominently in those days. In fact Ian was responsible for getting my Soviet visa when I went to the first Athletics World Championships in Helsinki in 1983. I was scooting in to Leningrad during the rest days, and I had to pick up the visa from, of all places, the BBC headquarters in London.

I was 28, but had done all of the above. Despite being completely anti trade union, I enjoyed my time with the supporters clubs. In 1981 I got engaged to Miss Arsenal and also, with Charlie Bent (Hamilton Accies), Helena Quinn (Albion Rovers), Jim McGillivray (Partick Thistle) and wee Ian Russell from my own club, took the FA to court over tickets for Wembley. QC's advice go for it. It'll take one day. Three days and £7000 (which we didn't have) later the rest became history.

Re-reading what I have just typed I realise that I've had a few Peroni too many, but -hey - it's my birthday!

One last statement with regard to my engagement mentioned earlier.

I got engaged to Miss Arsenal and married Miss Ford!

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