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Frank Williams (St Roch's, Celtic & Albion Rovers)

Postby bluedragon » Mon Feb 06, 2017 10:41 am

I am trying to establish the football career path of a full back named Frank Williams. I have two separate sources of information on a player of that name.

1. John Litster’s disk says that Francis S (“Frank”) Williams played for St Roch's before signing for Celtic (14 May 1952). He was released by Celtic on 30 May 1954 without playing a first team game and signed for the then non-league (Midland League) Peterborough United on 26 June 1954. He then signed for Albion Rovers on 26 November 1955. He only played one game for Rovers.

2. Separately I have a Frank Williams in the 1956/57 season signing for non-league (Southern League) Worcester City. He was released at the end of the 1957/58 season and joined Abergavenny Thursdays for the 1958/59 season when the club won the southern section of the three-part Welsh League. After that the trail goes cold.

I know from one of his Worcester City team mates that the second Frank Williams was a former Celtic player and so I am content the two records are the same player. However, I am trying to work out what happened in the 1955/56 season to fully connect the two records.

I know:
1. He was a part-time professional at Peterborough United.
2. Frank Williams played no first or reserve team matches for Peterborough United in 1955/56
3. A player named “Williams” played at right half in one league game for Albion Rovers in a 2:2 draw away to Arbroath on 26 November 1955.
4. In a previous thread that lists the huge number of players who played only one or two games for Albion Rovers there is a “Frank Williams 1” recorded.
5. His registration passed directly from Peterborough United to Worcester City when he joined the latter for the 1956/57 season.

There are any number of reasons why he only appeared to play one game in the 1955/56 season and that was in Scotland. In England he appears to have still been on the books of Peterborough United. Given that, was he able to revert to play in the Juniors if he stayed in Scotland for work or family reasons?

He would have been 28 years of age when he was playing in South Wales in the 1958/59 season after which the trail goes cold. Did he return to Scotland?

If anyone has any ideas, suggestions, or even answers that might help I would be very pleased to hear.
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