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All-in Scottish FA Cup

Posted: Sat Jul 09, 2005 1:03 am
by Alan McCabe
Has anyone any details of the Scottish Cup's early rounds in the seasons 1954/55, 1955/56 & 1956/57, these being the tournaments held at the time the Qualifying Cup was abandoned? While I have the results, I do not have very many other details (half-times, scorers, crowds) other than those listed in John Byrne's Scottish Cup 1873-1986 book. Newspaper reports of the time give little if any coverage of the early stages (generally pre-Fifth Round) and I was wondering if anyone held any more detailed accounts. I would be grateful for any scrap of information that anyone may hold.

Posted: Sat Jul 09, 2005 3:02 am
by Scottish
I have some (though by no means all) crowd figures. Some of them might also be included in John Byrne's book. Without going through them all club-by-club I couldn't say so I'll just list what I have for the pre-R5 games in those years. To save time I'll just give home side, round and crowd as you have all the other details like opponent and result anyway. r=replay

Albion R
56 R4 2700
57 R2 2000

55 R4 3000
56 R4r 2628
57 R4 3324

55 R4 4766
57 R1 2693
57 R2 2843

Ayr Utd
55 R4r 6912
55 R4rr @ Firhill 1379

55 R3 2500
56 R3 2000
56 R4 2000
57 R4r 2000

56 R4 2000
56 R4r @ Easter Road 1033
56 R4rr @ Tannadice 2500

55 R4 2400
56 R4 2000
57 R4 5803

56 R3 4000

Dundee Utd
55 R4 7000
56 R4 12000
57 R4 7000

East Stirling
56 R4 2000
57 R4 4000

56 R4 1500
57 R3 3900

Inv This
55 R3 2000

55 R3 2000
57 R2 2800

56 R4 3827
57 R4r 2500

Q Park
55 R4r 6581

Ross County
56 R3 2500

57 R4 2300
55 R4 5600
57 R4 5303

55 R1 200

55 R3r 4500
57 R3 2000

57 R4 2000

55 R3 2000

Gala F
56 R3 1500

56 R3 2000

57 R4 1600

R4 56 1500
57 R2 1500

Vale of Leithen
57 R2 3000
57 R3 1000

Wick Acad
55 R1 1500

All-in Scottish Cup

Posted: Sat Jul 09, 2005 9:13 am
by Alan McCabe
It used to puzzle me why some reference books listed Duns and Buckie Thistle as having drawn 1-1 in the 2nd Rnd in 1954-55. The actual result was Duns 1 Buckie Thistle 8 (att 1150 ; Buckie Scorers : Stewart 3, McIntyre 2, Buchan, W.Cowie, Tough). Furthermore, in the same round on the same day (25/9/54) Peterhead's Auld completed the rare feat of netting a hat-trick of penalties in their 7-0 hammering of Babcock & Wilcox.
In 1956-57 Rnd 1 2693 were at Gayfield to see Arbroath beat Rothes 10-2 (scorers McGrory 3, Gunn 2, Vandermotten 2, Sharp 2, Kirkwood), these being the only additional details I have outwith those listed in John Byrne's book. I am sure access to some highlands newspapers would fill a considerable number of the gaps?

All-in Scottish Cup

Posted: Sat Jul 09, 2005 9:33 am
by Alan McCabe
Just checking these details and must query Vale of Leithen's 2nd Rnd figure against Wick Academy in 1956-57. Considering their generally poor attendances for Scottish Cup matches in Innerleithen, would a figure of 300 as opposed to 3,000 not be more likely especially when considering Second Division Albion Rovers only attracted 1,000 spectators for their visit in the subsequent round? I appreciate that many of the newspaper figures were nothing more than journalistic estimates and in some instances reporters were inclined to add on a few 'extras' so as to save respectability for the home club.
Otherwise very good details and useful information. Thank you.

Posted: Sat Jul 09, 2005 10:04 am
by Scottish
I suspect you're right about VofL. But I must have seen 3,000 quoted if I've noted it down. The problem is if you can't just assume a paper is wrong without any corroboration.

Lots of estimates are either misprints or grossly out. The worst is the East Fife v Partick Thistle League Cup Final of 1953-54 which is usually cited as some 50,000 more than were actually there.

In that instance there should be no excuse as the figures are clearly marked down in the gate book and anyone in attendance would know the difference the way Hampden looked between a gate of nearly 40,000 and one of almost 90,000.

Posted: Sun Jul 10, 2005 8:01 pm
by top_cat
From the Dumbarton book "The Sons of the Rock" by Jim McAllister

1954-55. Dumbarton team v Montrose at Links Park Rd 3 Oct 9th 1954
Murdoch, McKay, j Gallagher, Davie, Cadden, McCall, Anderson, Irwin, H Gallacher, Walsh, Auld. Lost 3-1. Anderson scored for Dumbarton

1955-56 v Inverness Caley at Boghead Rd 3 Oct 8th 1955
Ritchie, McKay, Js Gallagher, Cornock, Harvey, McCall, Brooks, Brown, H Gallacher, Heaney, Glover. Won 5-3. Scorers were Brooks 1, Brown 2, H Gallacher 2

v Dundee United (says at home but might be a misprint) Rd 4 Oct 22nd 1955
Same team as v Caley except Cairns instead of Cornock. Lost 4-1. Hughie Gallacher scored for the Sons.

In 1956-57 the Sons entered at the fifth round.