Old Firm Boss,s head to head

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Old Firm Boss,s head to head

Post by kiwiscot » Sun Jan 14, 2007 10:26 am

Can anyone settle exiles (pub argument) which Old Firm boss had the best head to head record including Glasgow Cup, between,Scott Symon, Jock Wallace,Walter Smith & Jock Stein (Including &Excluding season 75/76, as Sean Fallon was temporary in charge). Would I be right in saying Willie Waddle was behind the previous mentioned managers but had a better record head to head against Jock Stein whilst managing Kilmarnock against Steins, Dunfermline/Hibs teams. Results in a % bases please.

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Post by lbb » Mon Jan 15, 2007 11:38 am

My percentages are hopeless.

Scot Symon

P 66 W 31 D 16 L 19

Symon won 47% of his OF games, drew 24% and lost 29%.

Jock Stein

P 55 W 29 D 11 L 15

Stein won 53% of his OF games, drew 20% and lost 27%.

Jock Wallace

P 38 W 14 D 11 L 13

Wallace won 37% of his OF games, drew 29% and lost 34%.

Walter Smith

P 34 W 18 D 9 L 7

Smith won 53% of his OF games, drew 26% and lost 21%.

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