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Mike Smith
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Follow the Hearts

Post by Mike Smith » Wed Aug 31, 2005 6:15 pm

“Okay, I may not have been the perfect father. Okay, I did miss my youngest daughter’s fourth birthday as a result of being in Madrid to see Hearts being hammered by Atletico. And my older daughter’s twelfth birthday was spent in the thronging streets of Edinburgh watching Hearts parade the Scottish Cup in 1998. Fair points, I concede. But I know there are thousands of other people for whom Follow The Hearts is more than a way of life – it is life. This book is for them.”

One fan’s account of how following the fortunes of Edinburgh’s oldest – and finest – football club has affected his life and that of his long suffering family. The joy, anguish, apathy and occasional heartbreak of thirty six years of devotion to Heart of Midlothian Football club is captured in this humorous and affectionate prose. From the late 1960s, through the dark ages that was the 1970s, to the nearly men of the 1980s and - at last – glory of 1998, Follow The Hearts encompasses what it means to be a Jambo.

“A very entertaining, well written, if somewhat heartbreaking book!”

Ken Stott, star of The Messiah and one of Britain’s leading actors

“A cracking read”Scott Wilson, Forth2 presenter and legendary Tynecastle DJ

What a load of rubbish!”
Gordon Robertson, customer, The Station Tavern, Gorgie Road.

A must for all Hearts fans this lively book is available for just £7.99 from the Hearts Club Shop or directly from\books (type in Follow the Hearts) You can e-mail the author at
Author of Follow the Hearts

bobby s
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Post by bobby s » Fri Sep 02, 2005 7:57 pm

It sounds like an interesting read. :D

On Monday I was watching a game with George Peden [not that I knew it was him until after the game], former jambo, and it came up in conversation that Sandy Burrell was a former jambo: he stays just up the road from me. Dinnae ken him, ken his son though. Willie McAlpine, another former jambo stays across the road from me. Dinnae ken him, but I ken his son.

The bizarre bit being, that all their sons are very decent players.

I'm surrounded by them. Some of them seem normal though.
It's the Hope I can't stand

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