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Post by killiebred » Fri Jun 17, 2005 8:42 pm

YOU might get embarrassed promoting your own books but I'm not :D If you sell a lot more because of this you can buy me a pint next time you're at Rugby Park :wink:

Every Killie fan should own copies of your books. I've cut and pasted the Amazon reviews for 'Everygame'

Sunday Herald Dec 9th 2001
another massive and lavishly illustrated volume
all you could ever want to know
David Ross, author, poet and tragedian

Kilmarnock Standard Nov 23rd 2001
Hurlford or Hearts, Renton or Real Madrid, it's all there.
No substitute when it comes to Killie book

Daily Record Nov 2001
Its good when people write books and still think of me-Scotland international Ian Durrant

Scottish Football Historian
A novel approach brings a breath of fresh air to the club history format

Daily Mail Nov 2001
Meticulously researched and written

A book for all lovers of football, May 29, 2002
Reviewer: A reader from Austin, Texas

I thought that this would be a book for occasions when I had nothing else to do. I would use it sparingly in moments of relaxation to pick out the odd fact or figure. This was not to be the case. When it arrived via morning post I sat down to peruse it and finally finished it late that afternoon. David Ross's book tells the story of Kilmarnock Football Club through an A-Z of teams that Killie have played throughout their long history. The detail is impressive, but more important is the feel for the club and the importance that Ross places on all of the opposition that Killie have played. From Raith Rovers to Real Madrid, Beith to Bayern Munich, each team fits evenly into Killie's history. The comprehensive nature of the book makes it a must read for all fans of football. It also gives the casual fan an idea of the rich history of a club like Kilmarnock. Their adventures in places as far-ranging as Albania, Dublin and New York illustrates the fact that Scottish football has long had fine ambassadors outside of the Old Firm. The book is topped off with an excellent 'statistics' section at the end

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Post by Jimmy Superscot » Wed Jun 29, 2005 2:24 pm

I will second that - it is a great read AND reference book. Top stuff!

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Post by Scottish » Fri Jul 21, 2006 12:35 pm

KFC programme editor Richard Cairns has put together a supplement to this book, giving all results, scores, scorers, line-ups and attendances for the period 2001-02-2005-06. Richard has also very kindly corrected some errors in the original. I've updated the seasonal stats for average attendances, top scorer and most league appearances and also updated the totals for the top scorers and most appearances.

There are no additions to the text as Killie haven't played any new opponents since meeting Viking Stavanger in the UEFA Cup in late 2001. Gretna & Peterhead remain the only Scottish sides Killie have yet to play in competitive football.

The supplement is available free from the shop at Rugby Park. Anyone thinking about buying the book and holding back because the stats are out of date can now purchase the original (with the supplement included) from the club shop or the club website

That's a fully illustrated club history with comprehensive stats from 1869-2006 inclusive for the bargain price of just £5. That's right, just a fiver for a full club history.

Please note: this isn't a plug for myself(though I'll do that all right as soon as I have more details on two new books I am working on). I haven't taken any royalties from 'Everygame' sales for over two years and all payments due to me now go instead directly to the Fifty For The Future campaign which raises money to help fund Killie's youth development. Who knows, there may be a future Scotland star out there so if you buy a copy you might be helping the national side, not just Kilmarnock.

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