FA 150 celebration books - free

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FA 150 celebration books - free

Postby ScottishFA » Wed Oct 08, 2014 10:05 am

I recently stumbled across the FA's three celebration books for their 150th anniversary, which can all be downloaded and saved as pdfs (without charge) from this site: http://www.fa150books.com/shelfindex.html

They are very impressive productions, with 654 pages, 776 pages and 340 pages respectively, with a terrific collection of photos. I haven't seen them on sale anywhere - they are not on amazon or ebay, for example - so were perhaps issued as gifts.

Not specifically relevant to Scotland, of course, but our players, managers and officials do feature from time to time.
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Re: FA 150 celebration books - free

Postby Scottish » Wed Oct 08, 2014 3:39 pm

Thanks. This is really good. As you say, you'd expect an FA history to be about the FA but in the first one there's some interesting material regarding Scottish football too. Michael Grant has over twenty pages on the England-Scotland rivalry. Most of it's already well-known but there are some photos I hadn't seen before, including fans shinnying up corrugated iron to get in to Wembley in 1949.

There's a big feature on Alex Ferguson as well which includes not just the familiar photos but some earlier ones, including the 1967 SFA tour and one from his Falkirk days.

Other Scottish stars whose careers were chiefly in England - like Denis Law & Bill Shankly - also feature in photos.

I haven't had the chance to look closely at the others but in the second there's a magnificent pic of Shanks sat on a train with the FA Cup by his side and the third has three Beatles playing "Keepie-Uppie." Or, as they might have said, "From Me To You."

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