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Campbell Orr - Pioneer of Association Football

Posted: Fri Nov 17, 2017 12:54 pm
by bluedragon
Campbell Orr was born in Glasgow and raised in Fife. He was a footballer, a co-founder of the first football club in Birmingham, a referee, a journalist and the long-serving Secretary of the Birmingham County Football Association. He was also a family man and a merchant’s clerk in his adopted home of Birmingham. The Birmingham Sports Argus, in a tribute on his death in 1921, reflected on the loss of William McGregor (founder of the Football League) and Charles Mitton (a player, referee and benefactor) and now Campbell Orr saying: “Without in any way appearing to belittle the work and worth of either William McGregor or Edward Moss Mitton, the loss of Campbell Orr will affect the football world most”.

With Campbell Orr’s great grandson I have co-authored a book on his life that runs to 58 printed pages and includes many previously unseen family photographs. We hope the book may generate new information on Campbell Orr’s family as well as his role in football.

The book is available on Lulu at £16.99 plus £2.99 for standard shipping - £19.98 in total. Lulu subscribers are regularly offered discounts as well. ... 85384.html