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Site bannings

Postby Scottish » Thu Dec 18, 2008 12:26 am

I've never felt it necessary to outline a policy on bans before now as this site has been fortunate enough to avoid the kind of sectarian and/or racist abuse which has, sadly, infected several other football websites and sites with football-related content. I hope this continues to be the case.

However, it states in the 'Welcome' announcement at the top of every forum that: "Contributions are welcome on any and all aspects of the game but please consider other users when posting. We aim to foster intelligent debate and healthy discussion in a lively atmosphere based on respect for all."

Regrettably, one poster has breached those guidelines by making a personal attack on me in language I found offensive and unacceptable. As a consequence I have removed that person from the site. I am not prepared to accept online that which I would not tolerate said to my face.

While I was the object of the attack in this instance I will not hesitate from doing the same thing should anyone else be attacked in a similar manner.

I know that other sites have more 'lax' policies on such matters but that is often on account of their commercial nature - the more outrageous the comment the likelier there is to be an increase in traffic and clicks means cash. As an independently owned and edited website is (thankfully) not subject to such commercial pressures.

I very much regret having to take this step and I hope and believe that it will remain a rare occurrence (other than for spammers for whom a special section in the lowest pits of Hell is reserved).

I hope site users understand this explanation and that is will be a long time, if ever, before I have to post anything similar.
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