if you think football is bad .....

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if you think football is bad .....

Postby John Meffen » Sat Aug 17, 2013 8:32 am

Was just reading on the cricinfo site about the most bizarre, backwards, ruling I have yet come across.

The gist of it is this: Ruaidhri Smith [b Glasgow] lives & plays his cricket in Wales, he qualifies for Scotland [because he is Scottish], and has played for Scotland in the 40 over comp [not an international though] he played for Scotland U-19 in the last U-19 World Cup, but he cannot play for Scotland in the next U-19 qualifying tournament because he has not played in the Scottish Cricket League [because he is playing for the Glamorgan 2nd XI, and Wales [not a country recognised by the ICC] in the Minor Counties Championship].

Yet, if Scotland qualify for the U-19 WC without him he will be eligible for the WC.

So, you are 18, playing at a higher level than your own country's domestic league, you can play for your country, but not at your relevant age level.

Talk about hindering development, imagine if the football team could not select players at restricted age levels if they played outside of Scotland.
John Meffen

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