Getting Away From It All

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Getting Away From It All

Postby Snuff » Thu Mar 05, 2015 4:46 pm

I was one of the 60,000-plus Scots who suffered at BT Murrayfield last Saturday, as we contrived to lose a game against Italy which we ought to have wrapped-up before half-time.

As I trudged wearily away from the ground, I fell-in with a sports writer who, if the mythical Lap Top Loyal really existed, would be Right Worthy Master, his Rangers-supporting credentials are exemplary.

He was, if anythingm even-more downcast than I at what we had just witnessed, and he revealed: "I came here today to get away from the doom, gloom and despair around Ibrox - now, I feel even worse".

I know Scotland were bad, but, that bad!!!
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Re: Getting Away From It All

Postby Scottish » Fri Mar 06, 2015 1:09 am

Well, they'll all be singing God Save The King on Saturday.

Seriously, full credit to the Rangers Supporters Trust and Rangers First for (finally) energising the fan base and getting stuck in. IMO they should have done it three years ago, instead of waiting for "blue knights" or somebody else to save their club. Obviously they're now in alliance with King but they'll be deluding themselves if they think he's necessarily going to be any better than Charles Green or the Easdales. Both Craig Whyte and Green were lauded by the fans as saviours when they first appeared (though how they thought Green and Whyte were ever going to be any good for Rangers, I don't know). But if the fans groups do that most un-Rangers of things and "walk away" thinking job done as soon as King takes over they could soon be in trouble again. Yes, King is a 'Rangers man' but so was David Murray and it didn't stop him flying the coop first chance he got. Remember too that King could have bought Rangers for a knockdown 5M three years ago but chose not to. For King, I think Readies are more important than Ready.

I don't think they need to worry about Mike Ashley though. He's got what he wants - watertight merchandising contracts for the foreseeable future.
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