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lbb wrote:
Skyline Drifter wrote: You can make that point if you wish but I think it's ridiculous.

All three of those were fine football administrators who were excellent at their jobs and by and large any vilification they got was for playing the rules with a straight bat not fast and loose.
That’s a curious statement to make about people like Jim Farry who was eventually sacked for stalling, either through incompetence or malice, the registration of Celtic striker Jorge Cadete causing him to miss a Scottish Cup semi-final. Farry was also found, in the case of Duncan Ferguson, to have ’acted outside his powers’ by Lord Justice MacFadyen at the Court of Session in Edinburgh who then quashed the 12-game ban Farry and the SFA had handed down to Ferguson before he appeared in a criminal court. Ernie Walker was the man who claimed the SFA did not use video evidence to punish players or managers and then proceeded to ban Graeme Souness from the touchline for two years solely on the basis of video evidence provided by STV. Walker also fined Rangers £12,000 for fielding a weakened team in a tournament they won. David Taylor seemed to devote his time at the SFA to hiring and then defending Berti Vogts and pursuing a pipe dream in trying to host the European Championships with Ireland - at considerable embarrassment to himself and the country. And that's when he wasn't dressing up as Saddam Hussein.

I just don't see that these guys have i) a great reputation in this country or ii) did anything amazing for Smith to measure himself against. Walker and Farry, in particular, presided over the decline of the game in this country and, aside from Walker's much-mocked review (which naturally occurred five years after he left office :? ), they did little or nothing to address our decline.

I'm also surprised at your statement that Smith has had an easy time from his former media colleagues. I'd say the opposite is true. The last time I heard Smith on 'Sportsound' you could hear the venom from James Traynor and Richard Gordon. Jealousy is a terrible thing and there are many in Scottish media circles who didn't like Smith as a pundit and are consumed with bitterness at his present position. They would relish any opportunity to bring him down.
To be fair, I was pretty young when Walker was in office and not that aware either of a lot of Farry's actions no doubt. I recall there being a stramash about Farry and Cadete but not the detail so if he was entirely complicit in that then I apologise for including him.

I do think by and large David Taylor did a good job when he was here and he wasn't head hunted to join UEFA's high circles because he isn't any good at what he does. In hindsight the appointment of Vogts was a failure (though actually his competitive record wasn't that bad and much of the bile directed at him goes to poor friendly performances and a refusal to toe the party line on various things) but he did guide us into a new era, blood a lot of young players, find a couple of gems and show a refreshing ability to pick players on merit rather than based on who their club side was (witness Gordon playing ahead of Marshall for instance). This isn't the place for another debate on Vogts merits though. I don't think it's unreasonable or surprising that the Chief Exec spends time defending the guy he appointed to the job as indeed Smith generally has with Burley even if the jury is still out somewhat on him.

I can't say I often hear Sportsound and certainly didn't hear the one you refer to but I do think the printed media gave Smith a very easy ride over the three examples I referred to above for instance. So little attention was paid to his failure to deliver on the "no more cup runners up in Europe" posture that the vast majority of football fans in this country now think that IS the case (as witnessed by countless postings on websites to that effect). Gordon Smith said it wouldn't be allowed so it isn't, barely a printed word pointed out he'd been sent away with his tail between his legs by UEFA on the matter and whilst they did at least carry the story, not an awful lot of comment on his failure to get divers trialled by tv afterward either. I don't suppose it IS any great surprise in an Old Firm dominated media that the utterly ridiculous notion of moving the national cup final to a midweek date on a week's notice to suit Rangers wasn't treated with the contempt it deserved. I wonder what the reaction in the press would have been had Rangers not been in the UEFA Cup final and Queen of the South had been involved in SFL playoffs and suggested moving the Scottish Cup Final to accommodate them? :roll:

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Post by lbb » Mon Apr 06, 2009 10:36 am

My opinion of Walker and Farry is that they were arrogant, aloof men who had a love of administration first and football second. Farry, in particular, always struck me as a bumptious individual who began to believe that Scottish football revolved around him and not players, supporters or managers. Gordon Smith has much more of a feel for the game and a far greater love of the game than Farry and Walker will ever have. The instances you describe could be attributed to Smith attempting to demonstrate that he is on the side of supporters and that he wants to bring about beneficial change and respond to supporter opinion. This could make you too populist though and, yes, could lead him to making statements he shouldn’t make. I’ll let him off and say that these were early days for him and he may still have been feeling his way into the job and its boundaries and responsibilities. If he continues to put his foot in his mouth then it could become a problem.

Re Scottish Cup Final. If Aberdeen had defeated Queen of the South (an unlikely prospect, I admit :wink:) in the Scottish Cup semi-final, we would have had the scenario where Aberdeen and Rangers would have played each other twice in less than 48 hours. The Scottish Cup Final would have been played at walking pace. As it is, I think the way it panned out detracted from the SPL race and the Cup Final did not get the full spotlight it deserved. Last season, though, was an unlikely set of circumstances and I don’t think there was anything underhand about Smith, or anyone else, attempting to arrange the fixture calendar to benefit Scotland’s reputation in European football and lend some credibility to the domestic competitions.

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And so it rumbles on -

http://www.allmediascotland.com/article ... ll_contact

'It claims it was the Daily Record that brought the names of Ferguson and McGregor to the attention of the Scottish Football Association but that it declined to include Brown's.

It says: "Astonishingly, [Scott Brown] avoided being hammered by the Scotland gaffer, George Burley, after being shielded by his contacts at the Daily Record."

It goes on to say that the rude gestures had been aimed at Daily Record photographers because of the paper's role in their demise. And it reports unnamed players believing the Record "deliberately stuck the knife" into Ferguson because he has a column in News of the World sister title, the Sun.

It even suggests that an "angry exchange" between Ferguson and Record executive sports editor, James Traynor - a few hours before the drinking bout - may have been a factor. And adds that Brown wasn't mentioned to the SFA because he is an important contact for reporter, Keith Jackson.

The paper names both Traynor and Jackson.'

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Its a total denial in todays Record written by... *drum roll* A Daily Record reporter! Is that to do with the strike or the fact nobody wants their name against the article?

I looks like all out war between the Sun and Record now! :shock:

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