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FM 2010

Posted: Mon Dec 07, 2009 1:45 pm
by exile
If anyone hasn't tried one of this series of games I can recommend it - not just as a game but as a repository of player data - 380,000 players/managers in the database! And I believe the data is actually fairly accurate and up to date.

I've managed to get through the 1st season which culminated in Brazil coming from 1-2 down in the last 10 minutes to beat Italy in the World Cup Final. I tried to give Scotland a hand by creating a world class player (a 17-year old reincarnation of Jimmy Johnstone, red hair and temperament to match, but without the wish to go to sea) and lo and behold we managed to qualify via the play-offs. Drawn in a group with Ivory Coast, Brazil and Mexico we managed to throw away the game against the Ivory Coast 1-2, then made a gallant effort against the Brazilians and lost 3-1. We then needed a 2-0 win over Mexico, and Brazil to beat the Ivorians - so of course we played out of our skins, won 1-0 and the other game finished 0-0. The quintessential Scottish World Cup experience! I kept on swapping Kenny Miller and Kris Boyd but they took turns in missing absolute sitters.

England got to the 2nd round despite losing 1-0 to the USA (!), stormed to a 3-1 lead over the Dutch in 35 minutes but lost 3-5 in extra time. The OF each got as far as the Europa league knockout round then sank without trace and the other teams did about as well as they did in the real world ie absolutely ****.