Derby County and the Forth Bridge

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Derby County and the Forth Bridge

Postby bluedragon » Sun Jul 05, 2015 10:33 pm

It was announced today that the Forth Bridge has become the sixth Scottish landmark to be awarded Unesco World Heritage Site status. It is claimed that Derby County, including the famous England International Steve Bloomer, were the first and perhaps the only football team to walk across the Forth Bridge.

Derby County did undertake a short tour of Scotland in late April 1896 so was that when it happened?

One of the Derby County party knew someone connected with the railways who made arrangements for the crossing. If it did happen on the 1896 tour then there were plenty of Scottish suspects in the Derby party to make the arrangements - Jimmy Methven, Johnny McMillan, Hugh McQueen, Jimmy Stevenson, John Paul, Joe Leiper and John & Archie Goodall.

A recollection Derbyshire Football Express in the 1920’s and repeated in the Derby Evening Telegraph in 2000 said:

"We put pennies on the lines for the fun of seeing the trains flatten them." chuckled Methven, "and every time one roared past, the players hung to the sides of the bridge for dear life, none more affectionately than Steve Bloomer."
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