A 71 Goal Union

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A 71 Goal Union

Post by cowdenbeather » Tue Nov 10, 2015 4:41 pm

Most people know that on 12th September 1885, Arbroath beat Aberdeen Bon Accord in the Scottish Cup by an all time record score of 36-0. Arbroath scored early and then often with John "Jocky" Petrie, their 18-year-old centre-forward, scoring a world record 13 goals (equalled in 2001 by Australian Archie Thompson against American Samoa).

The Scottish Athletic Journal reported, ‘The leather was landed between the posts 41 times, but five of the times were disallowed. Here and there, enthusiasts would be seen scoring sheet and pencil in hand, taking note of the goals as one would score runs at a cricket match.’

In goal for Bon Accord was hapless Andrew Lornie. He would never forget that day of ritual humiliation. Amazingly on the same day in the Scottish Cup competition Dundee Harp embarrassed Aberdeen Rovers by 35-0. Rovers’ goalkeeper was one William Wilson. Interestingly, the referee had noted 37 Harp goals scored. However, Harp's secretary insisted the correct tally was just 35. The kindly referee is said to have then acceded to recording Harp's lower total – unaware of the 36 scored elsewhere.

In 1952, Sidney Lornie (grandson of Andrew Lornie) married Olive Lindsay Wilson in Aberdeen. Remarkably Olive was the granddaughter of William Wilson of Aberdeen Rovers infamy. Between them, their grandfathers had conceded 71 goals on that same day 67 years before. In 1951, the Sporting Post reported that Jimmy Lornie of Aberdeen junior side St Clements had appeared between the sticks for Arbroath as a trialist v St Johnstone. If they had known he was a grandson of Andrew at Gayfield, the Lichties might have had second thoughts! Jim Lornie later played for St Mirren.

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