The Willie Carr “Donkey Flick”

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The Willie Carr “Donkey Flick”

Post by MadMac » Sun May 26, 2019 4:52 am

Nice to see things back up and running here again 😊

This came up in a Facebook group on 60s and 70s football. Someone stated that there was an article in “Football Monthly” in which it was claimed that he had copied the idea from something that had happened in a Scottish League match about a year previously. I don’t recall ever hearing this - does it ring a bell with anyone?

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Re: The Willie Carr “Donkey Flick”

Post by bluedragon » Sun May 26, 2019 8:33 am

In an article in the Scotsman (5 January 2019 by Aidan Smith) Willie Carr gives the credit of the idea for the donkey kick to Coventry City coach Bill Asprey who had joined the club as second team coach from Sheffield Wednesday In February 1970. The article has “Ashbury” but it is “Bill Asprey” (ex-Stoke City, Oldham Athletic & Port Vale player). Willie says in the article that Bill came back from the National Sports Centre at Lillieshall with the idea. The match with the first donkey kick was played on 3 October 1970 v Everton but Willie and Ernie Hunt tried it in later matches that season before it was eventually outlawed. At Coventry Bill was also used as a spy and a season later watched Falkirk prior to their Texaco Cup match. It is possible he saw something at a Scottish game that gave him the idea.

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