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Welcome to SCOTTISHLEAGUE.NET - a FOOTBALL HISTORIES website. This site has been established by Scottish football historian David Ross. For over 30 years David has been searching through libraries, books, newspapers and magazines all over Britain compiling a comprehensive history of Scottish football.

On this website you will find some of the fruits of that search. Every side currently playing league football in Scotland is featured here with details of their past glories and, in some cases, their failures. League triumphs, Cup victories, relegation battles - all have a place on From Queen's Park winning the first Scottish Cup in 1874 to what's happening in 2010, this is a site dedicated to every aspect of Scottish football. And only football. There are a few football ads but no banner ads, no pop-ups, no distractions of any kind.

And every club has a place here. While the web overflows with Man Utd or Old Firm sites, there are few that focus on the other face of football - on the teams that face a constant struggle simply to survive. On you will find out as much about Raith as about Rangers. And the site is updated regularly with new articles on the Scottish game on the Forum pages.

If you like what you see then why not visit our ordering page. There you will find details of 'The Complete Scottish Football History' series which has every club, every game, every score and almost every crowd in all major competitions. Want to know when Berwick beat Rangers in the Scottish Cup? Or which lower division side eliminated Celtic 50 years before Inverness Caledonian Thistle? Which sides played in the Third Division nearly 80 years ago? Who did East Fife beat on their way to winning the Cup as a Second Division side? The answers are there in almost 400 files and nearly 2,500 pages. Plus a series of text histories totalling over 20,000 words covering all the major tournaments. You can download free samples from the link at the top of every page.

There has never been such a full account of the Scottish game in print. Now, thanks to modern technology and the internet, the complete history of Scottish football can be yours. And you can order secure in the knowledge that your e-mail address will NEVER, under any circumstances, be sold on to anyone else. All links are inspected by the webmaster before being posted on this site. dedicated to Scottish football and nothing else.

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