Tartan Throstles (Volume 1 - 1878 to 1939)

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Tartan Throstles (Volume 1 - 1878 to 1939)

Post by bluedragon » Sun Aug 01, 2021 8:24 am

The Throstle is the old name for the song thrush. It was adopted as the badge for West Bromwich Albion Football Club and became the club’s nickname. Tartan Throstles is the first volume of career profiles of every Scottish footballer who played in a first team match for the club.

This volume covers the period from the club’s formation in 1878 up to and including the last completed season (1938-39) before the outbreak of the Second World War. Each player has a two-page tabular profile that includes their full club history not just their time at Albion. Details of international and other representative honours are also included.

Shortly after Renton had beaten West Bromwich Albion in the “Championship of the World” in 1888 Renton’s Billy Hendry became the first Scot to sign for the club. A few years later when the club won the FA Cup for the first time in the 1891-92 season there were three Scots in the winning team and another in the squad. The book goes on to examine in detail as how an incident at a training visit to Rhyl in January 1907 led to a period of 31 years when the club did not sign a single Scot.

The profiles include famous players of the time like Willie Groves and Jimmy Miller. Willie Groves was transferred to neighbours Aston Villa for the first-ever three figure transfer fee. However, the Albion playing career of Jimmy Miller (Sunderland, Rangers & Scotland) is less well known. There are many lesser-known players including two where the only information is the surname and short descriptions - “a new Scotch player” and “a well-known Scotch amateur from the Sheffield area”. There are four players where the only clue is a surname of Scottish origin. For completeness they are also included in an appendix.

The book is available on the Lulu self-publishing website for £10 plus postage & packaging (starting at £3.24). Here is a link:

https://www.lulu.com/en/us/shop/douglas ... pageSize=4

The price may come up in US Dollars but simply go to the blue banner at the bottom of the page and you can change “USD” to “GBP”.

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